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Appeal for ct Ban

Name: Zan
Ign: NightFox❤Pedobear
Steam link :
Why am i banned: Rage ban
My reasoning is: because i am relatively new did not know some rules/was checking the ze server whether or not is there a slot for me to join or not. During this time frame afk for about 3-4 seconds.Apparently got me killed and when i see the ze server slot i join but another player said i rage quitted in ct which i was not suppost to do so. And there was no warning and no one told me i cannot do that.?
Hi, I was the one who CTBanned you as you were baiting a T. Unfortunately, you'd left before I could ban you for this and thus you were rage banned.
Don't worry, I will change your CTBan timing to the appropriate timing A S A P.

Thanks for your understanding.

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