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{ZE} Head Mod Application

Name: Alvin
IGN : Kawaii-Desu
Age : 16
Time played : 300 Hours+

My reasons for being a Head Mod?
  I've been a moderator on zombie escape for 4 months, and I've seen a lot of things. We, Normal Moderators don't have much access to any commands which makes us hard to lead in new maps sometimes. The server always have new players, they don't know much about the basics for zombie escapes and much more. And now, the server is starting to die. 80% of the mods are gone. Only active mods I've seen for now are Me, Wwwufi and Malala. With only 3 mods it's hard for us to manage the server. Moreover, the experienced players/veteran players are leaving, when we are testing new maps, It's gonna be hard as they usually don't listen to us and ends up misleading the whole server. 

Goals to achieve?
  • Lead new players to  victory
  • Increase player counts
  • Ensure the server doesn't die
  • Improvements for ZE 
  • Host events for players to participate and enjoy
+1 Big Grin
Good SUCCWink +0,99
^_^ Although moderators votes are only counted, feel free to share your opinion bout me. ^_^
kind,experienced and no life ze player,keep it up! Big Grin

Its been way past due time for a head mod for ZE. ZE is undoubtedly slowly dying, and with the withdrawal of many mods, it is crucial to have a head mod that can properly manage the server with the aid of his/her fellow moderators. Kawaii is one of the few remaining moderators in ZE, and has shown non stop commitment towards the server. When it comes to becoming a head mod, he has the proper attributes that ticks all the necessary boxes.

Good luck m8!
+1 Its Possible m8
Just Your Friendly Neko Mod.
Haha. Thanks for the support.
Though I am no longer an moderator for ZE anymore,

Regardless i'd like to give Kawaii an +1.

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