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Moderator System

From what I can see currently, it would be best if a moderator system of some sort was put into place.

Hence the moderator system would allow for differentiation between tiers of moderator levels

For example,

1. Server Head
2. Tier 3 Moderator
3. Tier 2 Moderator
4. Tier 1 Moderator
5. Initiate (Moderator in Training) - Which will be paired with a moderator from Tier 1 and supervised by a Tier 2.

Having such a system put into place would bring many benefits, especially as servers are growing exponentially and with the influx of increased population. It allows the current moderators to ease into the aspect of not being burdened or overloaded.

From what I have seen the server's are not maintained properly and with the increase in concern for problems that have arised recently, having this system implemented as a contingency plan would be beneficial if not a positive outlook for the community.

Moving on, the Tiers of the moderators will give unique access to certain commands, and therefore not all moderators are allowed to access some commands which can prevent abuse or exploitation. Surely the higher Tier moderators are carefully picked and chosen in-order to prevent abuse in the upper chain.

Though the Tier Moderators will maintain the server, I hope the server head will take upon the role of actually looking into the affairs of the server, fixes, bugs as well as any sort of problems that exists externally.

This is only a outlook and hopeful suggestion in what I hope will happen in the near future.

Any questions or further information will be answered if needed.
"It allows the current moderators to ease into the aspect of not being burdened or overloaded."

Could you elaborate on this further?
A rank system would be great.
Sounds Pretty Nice
Just Your Friendly Neko Mod.
In response to coldeN, though it may not be for all server's, the ZE server is a 64 population server meaning that it has alot more players, compared to others.

Having the moderator system implemented will allow more chances and opportunities for people to become moderators without actually gaining server powers above what they would be able to handle hence the system.

The system allows work to be allocated and distributed between tiers instead of moderators as a whole, meaning it is much more efficient and productive.

And therefore eases the workload.
Too many roles.
1) Server Head Moderator
!ban!unban!unsilence!ipban!Forcertv!change_map + forums & steam responsibility +sm_givecredits kappa
2) Moderators
!silence!beacon!freeze!drug!timebomb!freeze bomb!blind!vote
3) Trial Moderators
4) VIP elites

This might work out better. As such, head moderator will get all the power that other mods will have etc.
Age is just a number, jail is just a room 
Like Swäggermeister said, it maybe better to just simplify things instead of making the system elaborate.

System can always change to make itself better regardless if it is needed.
Sounds like a good idea, but if you were a Tier 1 Mod, how are you able to rank up? To become Mod in the first place requires an application and a trial. Does this mean in order to get the "Tier 2 Mod" that you have mentioned, do you have to apply again, like the same concept as applying for Head-Mod? Or is ranking up based on the other moderators trust in their reliability, ability in managing, behaviour and such?

Hypothetically, if the system that you have suggested was in fact implemented, how do we separate the ranks or do everyone has to start off with Tier 1 and work their way through, also wouldn't there be a bit of controversy for example, one mod that got Tier 3, and another mod disagreeing and such? We already have controversy amongst people who are H-Mod, by adding more ranks, will we be adding more controversy? More concerns, but hey, we don't know until we try. Best of luck with this idea, it is these ideas that make me think that there are people who really care for the server.

I don't know about ZE, maybe I'll come visit it some time. =3
don't feel the need to divide the moderator hierarchy.
What's the purpose of limiting a moderator's power in order to "not to make them feel burdened or overloaded."?
I do agree it stops with the power abuse within servers , but i'm pretty sure the player base can report moderators that abuse with evidence, yes?

Is the moderator tier ranking really needed?

then again , it's your opinion , goodluck.
Jailbreak is fun!
I cant agree more to this thread. It doesnt only help the moderators but it also helps the community its self as if there was an issue with the server, they know which kind of moderator they are dealing with, sorry if this does not make sense to you. It sounds much better in my head.

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