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>>Multimod mod application<<

Name: Andy

IGN: | | Panda | 팬더 | |

Steam ID:

age: 15

Why do i want to be MOD: I play mostly on Multimod every week, every day, every hour with 3k+ scores without BHOP(soon)! Dispite that i noticed alot of hackers, i hopefully support the non-hackers feal free to play on multimod by warning them... How about i'll take a shot to be a mod what do you say?

How many hours i play a week: 5-7/7 a week.

pass experience as a mod: no, but i see how mods act on servers.

Add more depressing shit on this thread plz <3
+rep so pro and helpful
+rep daddy +rep

Gave you a chance and you wasted it. Clearly uncapable of handling the server. Obviously not qualified to uphold the position as a mod as he doesn't display/uphold a single quality a mod's supposed to have. Gives up easily and doesn't learn/admit up to his mistakes. I'd be expecting more reports of you slacking/abusing as a mod if you were given this position. Calls out players as hackers when they are more talented and experienced than you. Your immature way of responding to the community regarding the thread you've posted up earlier simply tore the good impression we've had on you apart. Simply not wise enough with the words and decisions you plan to make. Enjoy the grind cause having your name on top would definetely grant you a spot in the moderator team! Tsk.
'Criticism is easy, art is difficult'
So what if you are a top player in the server? Generally being disruptive and spamming slam. When one of the mmod moderators was dealing with an issue in the server, you should have the basic fucking respect and courtesy not to spam slam over the moderator.
Age is just a number, jail is just a room 
That time I was fixing my slam it was glitch, the numbers wouldn't be according to their numbers + I am new to slam so sorry if a abuse it too much
+rep experienced and pro. plays the best music when requested and at the right time
-rep why do u deserve mod even if u can't have basic respect for them I was going to give u a chance to explain urself but r u dumb response to me when I asked u on the forum this is the dumbest post of all time to give me the impression that ur not capable to handle the job of being a moderator u have shown me ur immaturity and even though I don't rly go on mmod but the other day I saw u and u were alright I didn't talk much as I was sick and I was trying to monitor ppl do u think u rly deserve it? And what condom says abt playing the music st the fight time if u were to be mod how sure can we be that u wont repeat the same mistake of playing music thus its a -rep for me
A very strong -1 from me, went into the server 2 days ago on the map 1hp_supermario. This guy and his friend 'Axis' and 'mcnugget' upon being the last 3 remainding, they delayed the entire map for 5+ minutes causing the timeleft for the map to be very little. I then told them if they were to continue delaying, i would call a mod in and they spoke to me in a very aggresive manner 'CALL LAH, U THINK I SCARED'. Although you're the top player in the server, u bring toxicity into the community and a negative influence towards the players of multimod, hence u becoming the moderator will only fuck the mmod server and its community.

RPG Moderator
Why everyone reporting me in the mod applications? not too sure...

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