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Ct ban Appeal

Steam IGN : ✪Choke 빨아

Steam URL :

Reason : Appeal Ct ban

Details of ban : Axdline , Mass freekill , 3 people

I am extremely regret for mass killing around 3 people.At that time I couldn't control the emotion, this results me for getting a permanent ct ban.I feel very 

regretful about what i have done.I am very sorry to all of the mods and the player that i have been killed.
Couldn't control emotion? Can u pls explain and I have done this myself before can u give more context to it pls don't just say u cannot control emotion it just doesn't make any sense??
So first of all, that 3 person keep spamming mic and making harrassing speech while i am wardening .Therefore I became very upset and triggered and I manage to kill those person.That is the worst decision i have ever made.
Hmm if u can't control ur emotion then just mute them u know u can just mute then right by doing!mutemenu and I have done mass free killing before and if u don't control it u might have to serve a 600 min CT ban I'm not a mod but I'm just saying this serve the time and don't do this kind of things again.
After that ban, one of my friend told me about the !mutemenu command.I am really sorry about the act i take.I apologize to the player i have killed and to all of the mods.
So.. are you sure it is only 3 people you freekilled? Could you get people on the server at that point to provide more details as well. thanks.
Age is just a number, jail is just a room 
Yes I free killed 3 person.However, I didn’t remember their name.After I freekilled them, Axdline straight away join the server and ban me for mass free killed( she is not in the server before).I don’t know is it counts as mass freekilling .I apologised or the action I take.
Give me names of people who were on the server at that time and I will ask them personally
Age is just a number, jail is just a room 
okay i think kemit and xart is on the server
Verified with the players and made necessary adjustments.
Age is just a number, jail is just a room 

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