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Steam Ign : NasserSenpai

Steam URL:

Reason : Appeal

Details:At First when I was playing CT The Warden said Adam is now KOS and I thought he was the Donald Trump character model and I found out it was Bigboi and I kill him by accident I was really sorry and the next map I played as CT and wait for a mod to ban me for my actions and as soon as the warden was dead I was trying to be the next warden and I was warden and said All T's AFK Freeze and I killed again Bigboi at that point I did not really know what to do at that point as soon as an mod got in here he was IKR CL I got ban for 300 mins I know I did deserve it but I was really sorry for killing BigBoi many times so im sorry for the things I have done to him

Reason to be unbanned is that I want to experience on how to be guard and the part of it is that how can I communicate when I play MM so thats why I wanna be a guard again
Reading your first sentence already made me 100% sure that the CT ban that was placed was not faulty and shouldn't even be revoked. Playing as a GUARD, how could you even acknowledge someone by looking at their player skin and assuming it is them. This is a large community we're talking about, easily around 8.5k players, and you're assuming that, in this big community, there would only be 1 person, whose actually purchased the Donald Trump skin, and that person is Adam, as you've mentioned above. This narrow minded and immature thinking of yours should not even be tolerated if you're planning to join the CT side and serve as a guard. Reading your second sentence, you've pointed out that you said 'All T's afk freeze' and you did not know what to do afterwards. I simply do not accept this 'I don't know what to do' excuse from you. I'd give you a CT ban if I hear that on the spot even if you didn't freekill anyone. When a warden is dead, you simply warden up, immediately ask all the T's to drop all their contrabands and afk freeze and look at the ground and ground only. If they are still caught with any form of contraband after the command has been given, they should be shot dead without hesitation because all commands are no delays no detours. So this simple excuse of 'I don't know what to do' of yours to sum up how inexperienced you are as a guard already crossed my mind to no longer tolerate and revoke your CT ban. Serve the 300 minutes ban and make sure you're well equipped enough with the basics of becoming a guard/warden for the time being and feel free to rejoin the CT side afterwards when you're ready. Consider this my last warning to you.

Case closed.
'Criticism is easy, art is difficult'
Ok thank you IKR CL I would try not to do it again thank you

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