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CT Ban Appeal

Steam IGN : Freek [Z]

Steam URL :

Reason : Appeal 

Details of ban : Swaggerrmeister , mass freeklling , 27 december , nope nothing

Why i should be unbanned : i should be unbanned as i deeply regret for doing my mistake for mass freekilling around 10 people and at that time i felt it out of boredom and why not just kill them but not knowing the consquences  it resulted in me getting perma ct banned which is a resoanable thing as mass freekilling is something no one likes thus i am rly sry to all the mods that i caused trouble to and the players that i free killed.
To be really honest, perma ct banned is reasonable and I dont think it should be lifted. You see this is the reason why, previously we had a conversation about using alternate accounts to freekill and I warned people about it that if you're caught, your main will be banned along as well. You mentioned that you wanted to do it the other day and I warned you as well but I guess my warning serves nothing and you decided to do it anyways. To me, it seems like you're not sorry for freekilling or for breaking the rules, it's more to sorry cause you got caught and now you're banned. So in my opinion, your perma ct ban should not be lifted until there are further improvements from you as a player in the server.
Yes I admit I did want to do it the other day but when was the warning? I mean what I had done was wrong and no one should do that and I am sry about breaking the rules as I had disrupted the game for the prisoners and hence might have changed in their decision to play the game and I think yes i might need to improve on my decision and consequences thinking before getting un banned thus I will probably have to accept this permanent ban. Thanks
So how many have you exactly freekill? I believe that my moderators have already given you a warning previously but you still wanted to disrupt the game despite knowing the rules.
Age is just a number, jail is just a room 
I think I killed about 13 people if I'm correct and yes I admit I still did it and I know it's my fault sorry for the inconvenience
I will update your ban accordingly. PM me when I am online.
Age is just a number, jail is just a room 
Okay I will thanks
Dealt with and closed. Take this as the last warning.
Age is just a number, jail is just a room 
Thanks a lot swag

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