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Lil pump & Condom hacking + breaking other rules such as delaying

IGN : Lil Pump & Condom

Steam ID Link :

Reason for reporting : Hacking + breaking other rules such as delaying

Any proof : There was once when Lil Pump was blatantly hacking in mmod by spinbotting infront of everyone. Nobody recorded but im sure there were many witnesses. Condom was also tracing people through the wall after Lil Pump told everyone to spectate Condom and look at his hacks. I already checked and the guy Condom was tracing was not married to him so there was no beacon he could look at. Even if they were ghosting its impossible for Condom to trace the person so accurately. The only video i have is a video of Condom & Lil Pump delaying and it wasnt the first time they were doing it. They still continued to delay even after everyone was telling them to stop delaying. It was only when a moderator came in and slayed them, they stopped delaying. When i confronted them they also said "At least i dont hack anymore" That shows that they have hacks and they are obviously still using it as they are bad at hiding it and its obvious af. Other than hacking their attitude is also garbage and they are rude af to almost everyone, i dont even know why they are allowed on this server.

Also, like what Salvestro and Scumpii said. Lil Pump got global ban in kz. When i confronted His brother, Condom, and asked him about it. He said "My brother was unbanned by Zeddy, u can ask him" Firstly, If he got a global ban in kz, Zeddy cannot unban him. This already shows that Condom lied, If he can lie about this he can lie about anything, such as both of them not hacking. Come on man we are not stupid, everybody knows that you guys are hackers so stop giving bullshit excuses and gtfo this server.

If u wanna see the video zeddy pm me pls i cant post it here as it is too big .

Pls ban these 2 retards Smile

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hi zeddy your brothers are getting out of control pls ban tq
+rep for this post
+rep they have money it's hard to ban but ill +rep since they hack and are still shit with hacking plz ban tq
+rep Please IP ban, hackers should not be tolerated.
+rep knew lil pump was hacking since he got banned in for using bhop hack. [U will only get ban if the bhop reads game memory which is 100%]
For condom , he uses x22 cheats and saw him tracing/aim assist and backtracking alot of ppl but have no idea why isnt he ban yet. So pls , ban this 2 fuckers. Thankz (i hope anyone will ban them even if they donated. <3)

If u dun know what backtracking is | | skip to 2.10 [Image: smile.png]
Idk about lil pump but condom did came into jb once and massfreekill + broke alot of rules therefore he was banned for 600 minutes in jb. Can vouch that his attitude is very bad since he dont know how to respect people.
+rep ban ban
+rep Scolding People's Mother all day everyday
+rep ban pls thanks indians

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