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Transparant Player Models

can you guys perhaps think about implementing transparant player models to the zombie escape, some of the player skins are absolutly ridiculous for size and screen space, dont say use hide command, its one of the more usless plugins for a ze server
Unfortunately, we do not have plans on adding a transparency plugin. You could, however, spend time editing all the skins yourself to add transparency to them. We already have the hide plugin, and it's one of the most useful plugins as it helps players get a huge boost in FPS.

You could try using !hide <distance> to change the hide range so it doesn't just hide all the players.
[Image: v1.png]
[Image: 76561198190108077.png]
i must be mentaly challenged then, hide distance dosnt work me dosent matter if its set 1 or 10000 nothing hides
Have you tried typing !hide 150 or !hide 450 or !hide 1000?

Try changing distances as you need a large distance for the effect to be more visible.
[Image: v1.png]
[Image: 76561198190108077.png]
Zombie Ready Counter-Strike Mod
By ToppiOfficial

Zombie Ready Counter Strike is a mod that changes/adjust the assets of Counter strike to be more light, stable and comfortable for Zombie Escape or Zombie Mode servers. The mod itself is beneficial in terms of removing or lessening the number of strains or visual clutter when playing Zombie Escape.

What does it change?
- Distance controlled Transparent Playermodels (GFL proxies based)
- Transparent Weapon models + Custom weapons
- Particle reduction (Explosion, Bullet impact, muzzle flash etc..)
- Blood decals removed
- Gun sounds Completely removed (Both players and your perspective)
- Settings adjustments
- Server Wings / Hats removal
- Custom Zombie Mode Radio Menu (Customizable)


ToppiOfficial/Zombie-Ready-Counter-Strike-Mod (
Downloading the mod might trigger your anti virus due to the executable file, this is 100% Safe and will not alter nor steal any information from your computer.
Be sure to read the readme texts file. Report any issue to me on Discord or this thread post.

In-Game Screenshot
[Image: Oma33kG.jpg]
[Image: iaKqZ2g.jpg]

this is what i can give you nothing more

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