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shino senior moderator abuse power

Your server been own by reard modertator that cant even speak proper english speac  in the game while he has issue from me typing in the  chat about the iteam is been used to push wow  fucking noob admins really this is how you zeddy server is been run people abuse  , Shouting in the mic i have recording that i am uploading in the youtube and i would like noob moderator to been removed
Hello Dark Warrior,

Thank you for your report. I will be bringing this issue up with the other admins and the head moderator as well. Unfortunately, I do not have enough information about what exactly happened, so I will not be siding with anyone. Shino has shown a history of more aggressive behavior before, but his punishments always had a reason behind it. We will check with other admins and logs at the time for more information.
[Image: v1.png]
[Image: 76561198190108077.png]
Based on what my moderator said, the reason why you were muted and gagged was because you were constantly commanding him on what to do.

Things I would like to point out first,
1. My moderators are more than competent in deciding what actions needed to be taken.
2. No one orders nor command my moderators except for me.
3. None of my moderators are '' retarded '', the term retarded means mentally challenged and I'm more than certain that none of my moderators falls into that category.

After reading this admin report, you've been constantly flaming my moderator instead of telling me what exactly happened. Aside from showing two screenshots of your mute and gag, you've barely explained anything.

And you said that Shino shouts, well that's how he lead, many of the players have seen this before.

Since this report has been nothing but you constantly dissing my moderator, I will be closing it since I see no point in furthering this conversation as it will be a waste of time.

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