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Apply for mod

Name: Yokoso
IGN [In Game Name]: Yokoso
Steam Id:                    
Age:   17                                     
Why do you want to become a moderator: to keep the server in control, make sure there will be no trolling, and mic spamming.
i started to play ze on zeddy 3 months ago, i really like the server. And since i see admin work really hard to make sure that there will be no trolling on tryhard maps, so i want to help the server to be more fun and no trolling at all. Besides that i see many peoples spamming their mic, it's so annoying and disturb the players in some maps, especially tryhard maps, when the server have no admin online, and i want to mute them so much. So yeah, that's the reason i want to apply for mod. I can join the server when the server have only 10-16 players. And also i am learning maps so i can lead the team and make more fun for the server. I hope zeddy-the owner, can accept for my application, so i can go with others admin to make more fun to the server and make the server have more players to join.

How many hours a week can you play: 7-8 hours, or more 

Any past experience as a mod on any game: i dont have any experience at any mod on anygame, but i believe i am not a kid, and i am sure what i am doing when i apply for mod. 
TL;DR - Sorry bud, but I'm gonna put -1 for now as I feel like you are not ready to take on the mod position. You claim that you've played on zeddy since 3 months ago, and during that time, I've never really seen you step up and try to actively help moderate the server. I have never seen you tell people to be quiet, never seen you help out new players, and quite frankly, I've never seen you talk with the admin team. While I appreciate the good intentions you have, I just feel like you are not ready yet. As a mod that has gotten their mod app rejected 3 times before, I can understand what you hope to do for the server. So speaking from experience, I'm gonna say -1 for now and maybe reapply in the future when you feel like you know the community and the other mods well enough.

Disclaimer: All my comments on mod apps are not final and will be subject to change depending on how I see fit.
[Image: v1.png]
[Image: 76561198190108077.png]
Thanks koen for let me know what i need to improve more to be ready for mod position. But i have tell peoples to quiet and help new players several times so i hope you can think again. And for me it is hard to talk with the admin team because i afraid to be muted, almost admins leading the team and it's rarely to have time to talk with other admins. Maybe this time i will be decline because even you have been rejected 3 times so it's ok. Thanks for your opinion
Broken English ✓
Ghostcap Player ✓
Total Stranger to the Admin team ✓
A Pussy ✓

This guy is ready for mod position
Mod him
Sorry but I will have to give a -1. 

You stated that you started ze 3 months ago and is currently learning maps so that you can lead the team and make the server more enjoyable, which is great. However, like Koen said, during those period, I've never seen you help to moderate the server. Actually, I have just noticed you today since you applied for mod position. If not I won't have known you at all. 
Also, I have never seen you try to communicate with the mod team, so I doubt the rest of us even know you. Yes, sometimes we will be busy leading the team, but there's a thing called discord. Furthermore, there are times that we are not leading maps, so I don't think we are that unapproachable 24/7. 

What I suggest now is that, you can try to make yourself known to the community and mod team, learn more maps and try to lead them, and help to moderate the server (if there's no admins online, you can always post in #reports section in discord to tell us that there's a mic spammer.) Good luck! 
It's good to see that you have the incentive to help the server out, but as the other mods have stated, I personally don't think you're ready for mod.

If you're afraid of interacting with the mod team, then we wont be able to see any reason to accept you into part of the team.
Make yourself well known in the server so that you stand out when compared to other players, of course by standing out I mean in a good way, don't stand out as someone who likes to break rules and so on.

With that, this mod application is declined, kindly re-apply after 1 month.

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