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mod application

Name: Kennard Lim 
IGN [In Game Name]: foxtrox
Steam Id:                                
Age: 16                                        
Why do you wan't to become a moderator: I want to seek experience on moderating servers and I've been playing for around 4 years on awp server from Major (GIP) Awp to Immense Awp to KZG Awp and now Zeddy's Awp. I also enjoy communicating with the people in the server and I have made a lot friends here and I think I could do well moderating the server. Not only that, I've seen a couple of people that usually abuse the rank system and purposely deranking themselves in order to take other's points, therefore I want to change this and being a mod will help me to do so (especially going afk, and since im not a mod, I can't kick the afk guys). I also have played in zeddy's awp server for more than 6 months.
How many hours a week can you play: I can play around 2-4 hours daily so I can play around 20 hours weekly 
Any past experience as a mod on any game: I do not have past experience on moderating a server, but I do have a lot of experience with community servers dating back to 2014. 

That's all for my application, I hope this gets accepted as I've tried to apply on other servers previously but there was no response at all.
Hey bennard,

so for me personally I really hope to work with you, yes you are experienced and friendly enough, the players and mods know you well enough too but I rarely see you help the mods out. 

So after a few thinking and a little inner mind drama, I decided to give you a Neutral Rep.

Good luck bennard.

[Image: image0.gif]

- active 
- friendly
- barely uses mic
- didnt see any moderating skills (yet)

gud luck on your application mate <3

diam ngeh busuk

- Active
- Has a mic

Moderating Capabilities
- None from my perspective

- Easy to communicate

- None

Although you are active on the server, using your mic and being initiative is necessary to ensure you have dominion over the players (who are breaking the rules). My stance is tentative and will change depending on your actions in the server.

Good luck with your application~
[Image: ezgif-7-22f9ab771ff1.gif]
I'm trying my best to use my mic more often as of today actually so thanks for the advice and recommendation Smile

even though i havent seen much of his attempt to moderate, he is one of the nicest people ive ever met in awp servers. he's an incredibly friendly guy

ive known him since kzg days and i truly believe that he could be a good mod

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