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Might've been unjustly gagged

Name: TwinFM
Steam link:
Why were you muted: "No reason"
Your apology/reasoning: I believe that I have not broken any rules at any point. In addition, no warning was issued before the gag, conversely I even got called a "retard" because I said "We literally play santassination everyday!" as a joke of course because we have played it for 3 days in a row. Another reason as to why I think I was gagged was because before every RTV, I insisted on playing ze_grau, however I did not spam at any point and only recommended the map before voting. (I have been doing this on other servers as well and have never been muted or warned, so I may be unfamiliar with this server), if this upset any admins, I apologize and I will never do it again. Nevertheless a 14400 minutes gag is a little bit too far-fetched in my opinion.

In conclusion, I hope you can give me another chance and tell me as why I was gagged for as long as 2 weeks period of time. I look forward to your reply.
Pretty sure the gag was suppose to me 1440 minutes, which is 1 day, most likely the admin who gagged you mistyped an extra 4.

And as for the joke you said, my admin does not know that you were joking and he thought that you were being serious, which made him think that you're a troll of some sort.

Nevertheless, this is a mistake from our admin side, and I'd like to apologize on behalf of that admin. Just make sure next time if you're trying to make jokes like these, try to think whether other players will conceive it as a joke or else similar situations is gonna happen again.

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