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Application for AWP mod

IGN [In Game Name]: BaBaYaGa
Steam Id:                                
Age: 19                                       
Why do you want to become a moderator: I am applying for mod as I am dedicated to helping the server out. There are many mic spammers and rule breakers in the server at times where moderators are not online. These rule breakers ignore the warnings of moderators and I feel that that is not right. I would like to extend my help to the server as I am very active and online for most of the day. Since my last mod application, I have fixed my microphone as it is crucial asset of being a mod
How many hours a week can you play: 40 hours 
Any past experience as a mod on any game: No, But I would like to be given a chance to moderate along the experienced Awp Moderators.
neutral towards -1 

aight he did show potential, but not friendly and a bit toxic so nope

[Image: image0.gif]

I dont know what to say because i rarely see you in the sv. Maybe im just blind. I'll update my reply if anything catches my interest.
Neutral towards +1

- Skilled in AWP
- Since you fixed your mic, I have been noticing that you have been using it quite more.

- Active often

Moderating capabilities
- Did call out mic spammers and stackers
- Have spotted cheaters and reported them to moderators in discord
- Controlling situations in the server several times

- Gets agitated

You have moderating capabilities, but you need to keep your temper to a low but recently I noticed you have been becoming more calmer. And do be more active in the server in the daytime, play on your main more since that's the only way for people to recognize who you are and realize your moderations. I might change this stance depending on your actions in the server. Other than that, nothing else.

Good luck on your application.
[Image: ezgif-7-22f9ab771ff1.gif]
Neutral towards -1

i don't see you quite often in the server or maybe you were smurfing or something, i dont know.
Application declined.

Kindly re-apply after 1 month.

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