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ZE Mod Application

Name: Kone
IGN [In Game Name]: kone
Steam Id               
Age: 19                                       
Why do you want to become a moderator: I want to become a moderator to help people in need, guide newcomers and help other moderators. Although there are a lot of mods already and mostly they are very busy, and I want to help to maintain the server clean and playable for everyone.
How many hours a week can you play: In a week, I play around 50-70 hours; in a day, I can play 8-10 hours. Vary only when I am busy because I am still a student.
Any past experience as a mod on any game: No, I haven't tried being a mod in other games, and I want to learn to be an admin.
+ Rep

Pros: Friendly, Easy to approach, Always Active on ZE Zeddy Server.

Cons: Less Experience (Pretty sure you'll be able to Master some maps)

Good luck!
who u , i have never seen you
+ Rep

- He leads a lot of map in the morning
- He tries his best to lead as well as learning from the mistakes
- He has a mic to lead
- He knows a significant amount of map

- He is new to being a mod and less experience
- He know the map but not yet have the ability to master them yet
It is better for you get some experience first instead of apply to mod ( ya not for me to say)

Able to lead ,but not confidence .
Stop dying to ez trap pls .

I'm gonna be straight up with you: Never seen any moderating from you.

If you want me to go in depth, just reply and I'll write a super long reason why. Since I got some time now, and I've been observing you lately, I'm gonna go into depth why my response is -1.

-> Relatively friendly

-> Limited Map Knowledge and item knowledge
-> Doesn't really communicate with the current admin team nor on discord
-> Not the most active

-> Has not shown any moderating potential for me to judge on

If you want to guide new players, you can already do so without being a moderator too... just saying..

I think the several hours that we've played together, you seem quite friendly with several players. You do connect well with some of the newer players, however, I rarely see you talking to any of the older regulars. We have a very active discord, but I've never seen you talk to players or just chill with the admin team/regulars that much for us to know you well. The only reason why I'm able to comment properly on your application is that I play a lot on the server. However, if I were not as active as I am, I would definitely react the same way as shino and ask "who the fuck are you?" This is why you should be more active on discord so more people can get to know you. I noticed the replies on this application are comments from people that play the ZE server recently and actively. However, the old regulars and the old admins as well as the head moderator don't know you at all/barely. It's hard for us to make comments or judgments on your if we don't know who you are exactly.

The second issue I find is that you would quite often ask for leaders on several maps, which makes me realize just how limited your knowledge your is on certain maps. I rarely see you taking items, and you have misused items several times. I'm afraid if players were to start exploiting certain maps or misuse items on purpose or make genuine mistakes, I am not sure if you can make the proper judgment on what to do with these players.

The biggest issue perhaps is how you have now shown any moderating potential at all. Several instances of trolling/chat spamming/mic spamming but I've never seen any response from you to tell them to stop it. Becoming a moderator/admin doesn't mean you start controlling what people do on the server, but rather becoming admin just means you get a larger set of tools to help control the server. You need to be actively moderating the server by telling people to stop, and to help alert admins when people troll or break rules.

TL;DR of what to improve on:
-> Talk with old regulars and admin team so we know you better
-> Actively moderate the server even when admins are on
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[Image: 76561198190108077.png]

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