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CSGO ZE Weapon spreadsheet for Zeddy

Real quick TLDR real account is Chicago Ben, and I'm sorta known in GFL for making advance spreadsheets to show all the details in ze when it comes to weapons. From damage and fire rates with reloading , to rebuy calculations and the value of each rebuy per $ or DPS. I made the spreadsheet so you just insert things like clip changes or damage modifiers (if your server uses those) and it calculations what the damage and fire rate will be as a tool to help you guys balance weapons moving forward. 

So for fun I made a smaller simpler version of my spreadsheet with most of your weapon setttings in it ( didnt do mag 7)

Feel free to copy it and make adjustments to your likings. Tell me if this is helpful for you folks or not and thank you for taking the time to read this mess lol.

Mega GFL spreadsheet in case you're wondering:
Hey Chicago Ben,

I actually added you on steam originally to ask if it was fine to use your GFL spreadsheet for zeddy weapon stats, but it seems like you've gone ahead and did it.

Thank you for the work, and it's actually quite interesting to see how the weapons stack up.

also nice "Gibbon bad" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[Image: v1.png]
[Image: 76561198190108077.png]
I don't know what the knockback formula is on zeddys but if I get the stats on it here I can make a column showing the knockback based off expected damage.

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