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Bamzu's Mod Application

Name: Andreas
IGN [In Game Name]: qebo/bamzu
Steam ID:
Age: 21                         
Why do you wan't to become a moderator: I just want to be able to extend while on a 1 hour run (just kidding, sometimes toxics are in the server and no mods are available, might be able to abuse to mute their ass)
Howmany hours a week can you play: idk a lot lol i play too much probably like 100+ a week
Any past experience as a mod on any game: no
+rep definitely pours hours, replaced me as #1 farmer man

Can I please !r my life Ö

neutral leaning to +1

- Very active, which can be evidently seen by him placing first from I N T E N S E grinding. Also shows his bhop skill.
- Talks very often in the server through text chat, very friendly.

- Rarely uses a mic. If you could use your mic more often I would change it to a +1.

Being a decent D-only player is super impressive imo, and I found it even more impressive since my impression of you was a 2 year old who still hasn't learned how to walk.
Anyway, good luck on your mod app Smile

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