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drip Mod Application

Ryan Lau

drip *New

Steam Id: -(Current main) 


Why do you want to become a moderator?:
I have a really good impression of this AWP server. It's lively and friendly people could be seen and I've met a lot of people with whom I really think that I could get along. But lately, I've been noticing a lot of randoms who seem to have ruined the fun for the players on the server, which includes mic spamming, spamming the chat, argument, toxicity, cheating, and which sometimes look down upon normal players without any ability to punish them, etc... staffs of this server could be busy dealing with other stuff and since I am mostly active under no conditions and able to handle these matters into my own hands and hopefully try my best of my ability to solve any problems. To have the ability to punish these wrongdoers and solve any problems that still lurk inside will be my and other players' satisfaction. I do not expect this application to be accepted and I will be ready to accept any criticisms. I'm probably a stranger to most of you, but I've played Zeddy Servers back around in 2017 for a while with a different name rather than my current name. 

How many hours a week can you play?:
Maximum of 40 hours a week, 4-6 hours a day.

Any past experience as a mod on any game?:
I was a garry's mod Moderator on, retired later due to family problems since I couldn't be inactive for a certain amount of time.
[Image: ezgif-7-22f9ab771ff1.gif]
+rep good luck on ur mod application Wink
Neutral towards +1

Active and skilled, he is friendly and did use his mic to communicate to the server. He is worthy to be given a +1 if he shows more moderating potentials. good luck u pig

Ryan very handsome pls be my boyfriend.

[Image: image0.gif]
+1 for meh too >3
u kenot lar
+rep make him mod pls he is very good he won't abuse his powers like Raven 

Big Grin
+1 We need more hamsap mods to abuse their powers.
Ferb > Phineas

- Has shown moderating potential on a few occasions
- Active player
- Does chat often, and also has a microphone.

- I'd recommend you change your name since its rather... offensive to some people, other than that, nothing much. Try not to be too overconcerned with points though, you seem to get tilted if that happens which might result in you malding

On a side note, if you want your friends to support your application, do ask them to give genuine feedback rather than comedic comments as it completely ruins the point of the application.
There must be certain qualities exhibited by you that makes you mod potential, and comments which give a +rep followed by little to no feedback at all do not help.
With that, I wish you all the best on your application.
Thank you, I will be noting that and start improving. As for the name, I will be changing that to something appropriate. I have also recently started to focus on my aim and try to have fun on this server rather than points as that should lessen the suffering.
Also thanks for all the supports~
[Image: ezgif-7-22f9ab771ff1.gif]

-Active and skilled
-Does often uses his mic
-Havent seen any moderating skills(or maybe im just blind).

Please change your name. We dont wanna ppl get gag/muted by saying your name.

Gud luck on your application mate <3

Ngeh needs a girlfriend ASAP

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