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Resigning as Headmod

After thinking for a while now, I have made my decision to resign from being Head Moderator of KZ. After guiding and managing my junior mods like Gaku, IU, Puppy, Stim and Bob I think that the KZ Server is in great hands now. I believe that they can manage the server properly without me being there to manage them.

I'm getting older slowly, I have alot more stuff to focus in my life now like spending more time with family which I never had the chance to do and studying for exams. Games are temporary and my future is eternal. With that being said, I will spend less time on games lesser than before as I have realized that playing games is like carrying coal to Newcastle.

And I would like to thank Zeddy and Loonatic for trusting me as being a Head Moderator, It helped me alot by increasing my confidence, patience and maybe my teaching skills? But i would also like to say fuck you IES Zeddy because he never replies to my DM's (also one of the reasons i wanna resign)
[Image: Zeddy_Okay_SIr.png]
[Image: Impact3.png]
[Image: dab-dance.gif]
(02-21-2021, 02:16 PM)Riceturu Wrote: I'm getting older slowly

[Image: 626032562371821582.png?v=1]

Thank you for serving your time as headmod for the kz server. <3 I will miss your black name :<

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