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perm gagged ZE server

Name: Ad 
IGN: (In Game Name) Dovahkiin 
Steam link:
Why were you muted: perm gagged for mentioning "it's never fun with him around"
Your apology/Reasoning: 

I was perm gagged by Shino for saying "it's never fun with him around" at around 6.50pm (GMT +8) 9 February 2021. This happened in ze_chaos_v7_7.

His direct response to me, though my statement was not specifically directed at anybody, was "it's never fun with me around ah? okay gag lor [sic] toxic ****".

I would like to request a clear explanation as to how my statement was a clear violation of the rules when  I was not pinpointing my statement on anybody.

If Shino indeed felt that my statement was directed towards him, should he not had clarified? Instead, he went on to perm gag me without clarifying. What kind of message does it send to other fellow players and VIP users to just perm gag someone for saying the statement "it's never fun with him around"?

If you mean to tell me this goes underneath Zeddy's ZE server rule #12 of 'Any sorts of disrespect will lead to a permanent mute/gag/silence/ban', that is indeed disappointing. My statement was not directed towards him and it makes zero sense not to clarify before jumping the gun.

I thought the perm gag was uncalled for and would request it to be reversed. Thanks.

EDIT: I also went to the sourcebans to search for the reason of perm gagging, and there was no reason specified.
EDIT EDIT: I would like to reference Jean123 as someone who witnessed me being perm gagged by Shino. I have sought permission from Jean to list him as a point of reference to this incident.
+1 ungag dis boi
+1 not really sure if he specifically targeted the message to shino, but a clarification will be better instead of a perm gag.  Smile

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