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朝日's bhop mod application

Name: Ryan
IGN: 朝日
Steam id: []
Age: 17
Why i want to become a moderator: I always wanted to help people that were not that good at bhopping. When i see people struggling i always do my best to help. I admit, I am not very good at bhopping;however, when i spot something that new or even old players did not spot, ill always love to help. I still remember when i was 12 when i first started bhopping. I thought multiple strafes per jumps at the time to go faster was literally just shaking ur mouse... I dint have anyone to teach me. I want to be that person for the new players. I like helping them. Eventhough i may not be the best at bhopping... Im always grinding trying to improve and am grateful for people like lil nut(btw +1 for his mod application) and LLama to teach me strafing recently and have improved a lot and i want to do that for the new players... and honestly it would be cool to be a mod haha.
How many hours do i play a week: at least 25 hours a week. At times even up to easily 50+ hours a week on the bhop server alone.
Past mod experiences: Not sure if these count but owner of syfyS on insta 800 followers(used to be 1.2k but inactive due to stopping cs for a while), mod on a friend's twitch channel and mod on multiple discord servers.

this guy here full of energy and full of life, always see him helping other people when im online +1 from me, honestly bhop dont need that many mods though, a lot of inactives

Can I please !r my life Ö


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