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Unban Appeal

hey man. at first i thought you was the victim that get banned without any reason. But after go through all the reply and understand the way you act is like a child.. rude people will say you are 'childish', maybe behind the screen you really are a kid ? but i dont think so right ?  You should start to repentance not because on game but in your real life too, maybe people hate you you don't even know cause they never told ya...You need to feel thankful that them pointing out what's your mistake. (the way you talk to admin staff a little too rude...)

Maybe(or maybe yes?) we can't see you turn into a new leaf, but believe me your life will be much better right after you admit and start doing something about . Do remember dont take thing gradated . If one person don't like your attitude still understandable but 'too many' you should start look at yourself what happen... Or maybe too hard for your to change cause this is just your 'attitude' ?? 

How to Change Your Attitude for the Better 
Identify and understand what you want to change.
Believe that you are able to change.

it seem like no more chances for you... Chances already given yet you wasted .. good luck in your future  Big Grin Big Grin
if you get the chance , let's enjoy the game together  Wink
11 alt from you btw 50+ left but would took to long to find
Classic weiyuan
And here's a warning to you, I know that you're ban evading right now and I know which account you're using. I'm giving you one final chance before I hop on the server and perma banning you from the server.
Worse comes to worse you'll just be hardware banned.
(02-05-2021, 04:10 PM)Koen Wrote: Wow!  you admitted it yourself... you're still abusing the nomination system... after countless warnings.

"". Previously, when nominating a map is free, I nominated any random map as quickly as I could to take up the 2nd slot and then changed it to my desired map at the last second before voting starts so that my desired map would be played since the players in the server will just spam "222222" -weiyuan/exists/absolutely nothing 2021

We have given you countless warnings, countless gags, and a ban from before... yet you haven't learned your lesson. For the past 3-5 months you've been on zeddy, it's been nothing but bad experience from you. You go spam chat to influence vote nonstop, even after warnings.

You can keep acting as if you've improved, but I can prove that you didn't. Throughout the day, I would receive reports from NUMEROUS players that you're still influencing votes and shit nominating to take up the 2 spot... EVEN AFTER YOU SAID YOU DON'T D IT ANYMORE.

I know I'm just a junior mod with no ban power, but I would've banned you earlier if it wasn't for the grace of me and quite a few other admins to let it slide. However, after receiving way too many reports, and seeing you continue to do it even when we're on... I can only say you don't even show any signs of improvement. Our faith in you was misplaced.

I believe this ban is well-deserved and is the proper punishment for someone like you who wouldn't heed any of our warnings.

Go take a break from zombie escape, maybe don't simp me that much, or just go offline on another server.


Yes but the nom abuse thing was previously. I don't abuse it as much anymore because it costs 150 credits to nominate a map now which kinda helps to deter me from doing so, I am already perm gagged and muted by Tupu so there's no way for me to influence the vote anymore. Yes I always try to be the first to nominate a map so as to take up the 2 spot since people will just spam 22, but I have always make sure that the team is reasonably ready for the map I wanted to play before I nominate maps from the shared cd (some maps from shared cd doesn't really require any leader tbh). And I am not the only one spamming in chat to influence the vote, there are many other players who do so too. As for the reported thing, anyone can just report any players but evidence should be provided to be fair for the person being reported. Cause some players can just troll by anyhow reporting. 

This is completely irrelevant, but why is your voice so cute and sexy? *Awww* I am drooling over your cuteness oh my gawd. Just my opinion btw.

(02-05-2021, 04:31 PM)TuPu Wrote: Let me list out what things you did on the server

Trolling the nominate - keep nominate some tryhard map like dreamin or mako when nobody wants to play it, even though I already told you no one will lead it but you still nominate it, and spam 22222 on the chat. It's so annoying that try to influence some players. One important thing, WASTING THE SHARE CD ON THE SERVER.

Sit on spectator all the time - After the map is chosen, you just sit on the spectator and do nothing. When I ask you why you nominate a map and don't play it, your answer is "I want to learn the map". How about you offline the map with yourself only? Or watching the video to learn it?
Fine, you said you don't know how to offline a map with particles. How about GOOGLE??? Lmfao, 2021 still don't know how to use google to search. I just type "csgo laser offline" and already found there is a post from gfl that teaching you how to offline bosses with particles. Your teacher didn't teach you how to use google? Sit here and wait for some people to teach you hand to hand?

harass to some players - That's what I said from above, keep asking someone to teach him how to offline. LIKE A RETARD.

permanently ban from other servers - PSE, GFL already permanently ban you a long time ago. Why don't you just become a good player on this server? I love giving chances to anyone who turns over a new leaf. But seems like you are not the one.

Let me told you ONE more thing, why you're a retarded and a selfish person.
Two months ago, I got an invitation from Detroid that is the team for testing some maps. The junior mod doesn't have access to do the vote for map testing. So I just type on the chat and said "If you guys want to play the new maps, choose 3(random map)"
Okay, they chose 3, the random map. So I just set the next map to the new map, and you should know what happens after this. Zeddy told me that don't do this. "Someone told me that you setnextmap after they chose random map" I was pretty sure that one is you. Since you nominate a map after I said.
There is no access for me to do a vote for map testing, so I just told people to choose 3 for the new map, and you just crying to zeddy that I'm abusing.
Just because I made you wasted 150 credits? LMFAO
I know zeddy is a good guy that nice to listen to all the players, even they aren't VIPs. But you? You were just crying to zeddy that I'm abusing on setnextmap and lost 150 credits. So I just stopped my map testing because of YOU.

Well, you had it coming.

死雞撐飯蓋 kek
Trolling the nominate - when I nominate these maps, usually the team is sufficiently ready for it and there some players who can actually lead the map but they just refuse to lead and asked me to lead instead but I can't since I have no mic (and even if i have a mic I still won't talk in mic because some people do not want to talk in mic????), leading is chat is possible but quite hard compared to leading in mic. And I noticed that whenever dreamin is played no one wants to really lead even if they actually know the map and have a mic to lead, but when maps like mako is played, someone would actually lead the team. I also noticed that dreamin is not played as much anymore, and whenever I nominated dreamin, there is always players that asked everyone to vote for other map or random or just spam in chat/mic to ask everyone to rtv dreamin if it was voted as nextmap etc, but that's not the case for mako or other ff maps. Dreamin seems to be disliked for some reason.

Sit on spectator all the time - This only really happened previously before my first ban, now I usually only go to spec if it is not the map I intended to play (but I usually leave if its not the map I wanted to play rather than sit in spec), or if the map in play is new to me etc. Of course I have googled about how to offline csgo ze maps and I did found one from a post in gfl but it is troublesome and seems complicated to do so (especially the particles thing), but I have found as offline server so this isn't a problem anymore.

harass to some players - Not anymore ????

permanently ban from other servers - The ban reason for pse and gfl are entirely different from the ban reason for zeddy smh. I don't remember complaining to zeddy that you tested a map and caused me to waste 150 credits, base on the chat history I have with zeddy on discord. So it's someone else smh.

(02-05-2021, 05:21 PM)xiaodi - Road to 10K Wrote: Wow an unban appeal by exists! Nice!

So let’s point out why you shouldn’t deserve a fucking unban

  1. Troll nominating, maybe you don’t consider it as trolling but it is considered as troll nominations in most of our POV. Here’s why:
    Every single time I see you on the server, you’re just sitting on spec and waiting for shared cd is over. The mysterious thing is that you always appear one map before the shared cd is over! So weird! And, you always nominate maps like 2012 to take the spot of ‘2” once the nomination timer is over and change to either dreamin or other laser map afterwards. Yes, you may argue that it is NOT written under our rules BUT, this behavior is definitely a no-no, (or maybe you’re just too braindead or have 0 eq to think that way)

  2. Influencing voting through chat. Yes, you are currently gagged and muted by tupu and you said you will change.. I don’t see any change from you since your behavior is still trash, no offense. I guess you will still influence vote if you’ve gotten ungag and unmute.
  3. Basically what tupu has just said. After your nominated map has been chosen, you’re sitting on spec and saying excuses like.. “I want to learn the map” Learn the map by seeing people how to dodge lasers??? Man… there’s something called youtube for a reason. And also, like what tupu said, asking people how to offline continuously like a retard.. Even when we answered you, you just seem not to understand. Lol
  4. I've seen your behavior on previous servers like PSE. Man, spamming saysound and chat countless of times despite admins telling you to stop. I don’t see any changes from you since that time. 
  5. Most of the player base dislikes you including me and also the admin team receives countless reports about you.

 This is why it's a -1 for me. 

*imagine practicing laser with god mode… Sad....... No wonder why you got blacklisted…..
 ( —_—)⦦∠❀ .♰. ⌌⸄RIP⸅⌍ .♰.
(  ̄^ ̄ )९ ᴱⁿᵉᵐʸ ᴰᵒʷⁿ•

1. Yes I usually join a map or two before the shared cd is over, nothing wrong with that right? Playing the maps I wanted to play. Well, nominating a map costs 150 credits now for non vips. And I don't see any wrong in nominating a map and then changing it to my desired map (at least I don't change it at the last second before the voting starts).

2. Yes but I am already perm gagged and muted by Tupu so this is not a problem anymore, I am fine with this. And I am not the only one vote influencing too, people usually spam 222 or 333 unless someone vote influence saying "444" "555" etc. So if I nominate to take up 2 spot it would usually be voted unless someone influence. Nominating to take up other slots usually won't get the map voted unless there someone influence. 

3. Mentioned it already

4. Ok but there is an entirely different thing, I don't spam in chat purposely to troll or use the /cheer command in zeddy anyways. And zeddy doesn't have saysound. Just because my behaviour is bad in this particular area in pse, doesn't mean I am in zeddy.

5. I can't help with people having prejudice against me, it's their opinion not mine. Troll reports happen too, ask the players who reported me to provide evidence maybe, to prove it.
(02-05-2021, 08:07 PM)Loonatic Wrote: Seriously, I don't understand people like you at all. Just because I showed a bit of kindness, you're starting to think you're better.

You were banned once by Detroid after I gave him the permission to ban you because the ZE Mods voted, but I being SO STUPID and KIND decided to unban you. 
I unbanned you due to you constantly CRYING over the ban in discord and direct messaging me. 

Do I need to remind you, not a single player has been banned for no reason, and seeing how after you were banned you proceeded to spam Zeddy saying that you're banned for no reason.
[Image: f0V4-yHTQPW7jcvNLv24qA.png]

Have you forgotten, the day you were firstly banned, you proceeded to ban evade? But I decided to turn a blind eye over it?
[Image: 785lPWi2QYul-CNCI1mlMw.png]
After your second ban which was today, you DMed me asking me what was the reason for the ban and all I said was to appeal on the forums but you replied with it being a hassle and asked whether you could have appealed on the Discord. 
[Image: Ende7JVORxWKsi-MvMlRfw.png?width=683&height=676]
Do you think you're cute or funny by using " 0_0 " when a serious matter is going on? Let me get this straight. You are not close to me, do not act like you know me and act all friendly in my DMs in serious matters like this. 

Not to mention, you said that the reason for your black list in CHUMBUDS was because of the prejudice of my mods? 
[Image: ECmWGKRJQSGHwsU9MxTWzA.png]
I'm sorry but are you insulting my mods? Are you that DELUSIONAL? You're blaming my mods for your ban? How unrepentant a person can be? Surely there must be a limit. You yourself should know better than anyone why were you banned instead of pointing fingers at my mods. 
[Image: wcVjn2zRShuqC8OLgu1TDw.png]

Furthermore, in the middle of your debate in the Discord, you proceeded to post a screenshot of you being in a different server? What? Are you trying to show that aside from Zeddy's Server you still have a different server to play on? Sure, you might just say that you've posted it by accident, but come on really. I know what you're trying to say, and if you have the balls to say it I dare you to type it in a sentence instead of posting a picture. 
[Image: KIZXdHZURUmPF6OT-4w0qg.png]

Here's my opinion for you as a person in the server.
- You are insufferable
- Extremely delusional 
- Egotistical

I personally do not like players like you who decided to abuse the kindness I given, acting all friendly with me just to have some special treatment. The moment you refused to appeal on forums and wanted to appeal on Discord was the moment you pissed me off. 
You are not special so why should I give you the privilege of appealing on Discord. You bring 0 contribution to the server, saying that It's a hassle to appeal on forums, if it's a hassle you shouldn't have appealed and you should have just stayed banned so I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night just to reply to an appeal that I know is gonna be declined. 

The world doesn't revolt around you, buddy. If you've been banned you get the same treatment as every other player who has been banned. You appeal on forums and wait it out like the others. I don't know what environment you grew up in in order to let you have such a high ego, but here in ZDG, as long as I'm the head mod, you will not get a special pass from me.

Ok I pm'ed zeddy because I really do not know why I was banned at that particular moment when pharos is played yesterday and the ban reason just states "no reason required" that's why. I did not said that you banned me for no reason, I just said I was banned for no reason, I posted 2 screenshots to zeddy which shows the person who banned me to be you. Of course I definitely know that it can't possibly be you, but surely it must be some other admins that asked you to ban me. I apologize if this caused any misunderstanding, I have absolutely no intention to complain about you to zeddy lol. 

Alright, during my first ban yes I used an alt account to join indeed because I didn't knew it wasn't allowed (pse allows alt to join even if you are banned permanently fyi and they don't have auto-ban for same IP address, basically no VPN needed to ban evade, of course it's wrong to assume that is the case for other ze servers) and I was then auto-banned by console since the same IP address was detected (no VPN used in this case). I admitted to it too and told you the same thing in pm as posted by you in your screenshot above. If I wanted to ban evade, I could have used VPN to bypass auto-ban from console using that alt account or any other alt account but I didn't.

Ok, for my second ban I indeed pmed you to ask for my ban reason as it was too sudden and unexpected (since I literally got banned for joining spec for 1 round when I just joined the server to play pharos probably, it was like the final straw that got me banned yesterday maybe) but you told me to appeal on the forums but I said that it is too troublesome and too much of a hassle since it takes time to get a reply whereas discussing it on discord just feels much more immediate and usually the reply is faster too that's why. I asked for your permission too before asking for a briefly on discord to know why I was banned for 19 years, and after asking on discord I eventually went to the forums to appeal. I was friendly towards you in pm because you do seem like a nice person who isn't strict and someone who seems to be helpful most of the time, of course I wasn't taking advantage of this kindness fyi.

I felt that the admins in chumbuds have prejudice against me because of my behaviour in zeddy ze. Since they are probably the same so called admins from zeddy ze too that's why. I know that I shouldn't assumed like this but still it just seems too obvious but pardon me for assuming like this. Yes I used god mode and noclip a lot of times but I only used it because I wanted to practice but yes I did kinda trolled a bit, which annoyed other people in the offline server who are practicing too. Since I kinda wasted their time with god mode on in the gear part of deadcore d ending when I got hit by the gear (when I am the only one alive, or causing other players to die in the gear part since I got the gear stuck with god mode on etc), with god mode on and getting hit and slowed down by the lasers/beams in deadcore d ending when I am the only one alive which kinda wasted the other players time because I kept getting hit by the lasers/beams a lot. But I have really learnt my mistake for abusing god mode/noclip and being blacklisted for it, I have even proved a bit to chumbuds that I won't troll when I have god mode/noclip given to me (chumbuds allowed me to use it when he is in the server, not when he is not in the server though). I even pm'ed chumbuds and asked for his opinion and he said he wanted to give me one more chance since this is my first ban from not being able to use god mode/noclip but he said he can't because the votes from most of the other admins declined to give me back god mode/noclip access smh. 

I posted a screenshot of me in another server that is irrelevant to my ban for fun only lol. And me taking the time and effort to reply to each of the admins should hopefully help prove that I am sincere in wanting to be unbanned and forgiven.

(02-06-2021, 12:44 PM)Loonatic Wrote: And here's a warning to you, I know that you're ban evading right now and I know which account you're using. I'm giving you one final chance before I hop on the server and perma banning you from the server.
Worse comes to worse you'll just be hardware banned.

Nononono. I am not ban evading at all fyi. It's up to you to decide whether or not to believe me. 

"Past performance doesn't guarantee future results"
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When many people hear the word "curry," one of the first things that come to mind is Indian cuisine. If you are feeling adventurous in the kitchen, then you should don an apron and give the curry a try.

Although there are other curry dishes from other parts of Asia and the Caribbean Islands, take a look at a few popular Indian curry recipes. Even if you have never cooked Indian food, do not be discouraged. As long as you can get your hands on some of the main spices, like garam masalacumin, and turmeric, you can make these dishes.
Here is just a small sampling of recipes for you to try. And remember, curry does not have to be spicy hot. You are in control of the sizzle.
[Image: 757845964235997326.gif?v=1]
(02-05-2021, 11:54 AM)*Abs0lutely N0thing* Wrote: Name: *Abs0lutely N0thing*
IGN: *Abs0lutely N0thing*
Steam link:
Why were you banned: No reason given
Your apology/Reasoning: 

I joined pharos at around 5 pm today. When I am in the server, the round is currently ongoing so I just went to spec since a slot is available and also to learn pharos since its my first time ever playing it. After the current round has ended and the next round started, I joined back to play and was chosen as mother zombie, shortly after, I then got banned for 19 years (9999999 minutes).

I know that I spammed a lot in the server chat to influence people to vote for the map that I wanted to play but I was eventually perm gagged and muted by Tupu so I am unable to spam anymore and I am fine with that. Previously, when nominating a map is free, I nominated any random map as quickly as I could to take up the 2nd slot and then changed it to my desired map at the last second before voting starts so that my desired map would be played since the players in the server will just spam "222222", and when I only managed to take up other slots instead of the 2nd slot, I will then spam in chat "333333" or "444444" etc to influence vote but I am already perm gagged now anyways. 

Now that nominating a map costs 150 credits and certain laser maps that belong to the shared cd has 8 maps cooldown, so whenever  I am in the server I will just nominate the map that I wanted to play (those from the shared cd especially), sometimes I will nominate a random map to take up the 2nd slot and then changed my nom to my desired maps (but not at the last second before voting starts anymore). Previously I know that I went to spec a lot but ever since my first ever ban, I did not join spec as much anymore. Now I really only join spec if the team kept losing the same level/stage or if I don't know the map much so I wanted to learn by joining spec or if the map currently being played is chill map. 

That's all that I could think of that could have possibly got me my 19 years ban duration. Hope to hear from the admins as soon as possible. Thank you for reading.  BlessRNG
After reading this meme of a unban thread, I think you need this
[Image: unknown.png]
Introduction about "Gangs"

Gang Signal

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Gang Signs

"Throwing up" a gang sign (e.g., "Stacking", "page", "gang walk") with the hands is one of the most known and obvious forms of "claiming" or stating the gang one is affiliated with. It is used in many situations where other identifiers may not be possible or appropriate, and it can also show that a gang member is in the area to "do business" as opposed to just passing through. Usually these signs are made by formation of the fingers on one or both hands to make some sort of symbol or letter. It can also serve to relay more specific information, such as what set they represent within a larger gang or in which activities they are currently taking part. Individual letters can be used to tell stories when flashed in rapid succession, each representing a word beginning with that letter. These signs, because they are displayed only when wanted (as opposed to the types of identifiers above), are usually the most consistent across various areas. Many of these hand signals are quite close to other common hand signs, and this can cause confusion among gang members, non-gang members, and anti-gang authorities.
Another identifier that can be displayed only when desired is a gang handshake, which usually includes some component of the gang hand signs and/or other hand and finger symbols.


Clothing is a strong signal that all gangs show. The clothing gangs wear allows rival gangs to identify who is friend and who is foe. For example, the uniforms for many Hispanic gangs are standard and easily recognizable. Gangs such as the Latin Kings would wear long yellow T-shirts, baggy pants, and either a bandana or a hat, sometimes both. Black gang members are generally more individualistic with their clothing. The gang would wear a specific clothing and certain accessories that would match their crew's colors. Examples include the Bloods, whose gang colour is red, and the Crips, who wear blue. Most gang members wear brands such as Pro Club, Dickies, & Levi's.


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[Image: dab-dance.gif]
Don't bother, I'm pretty sure the mods made it clear that you won't be getting an unban.

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