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Unban Appeal

Name: Ashton
IGN: ✪ Ashzy (づ。◕_◕。)づ
Steam Link:
Why Were You Banned: Cheating according to Sourcebans but I wasn't even cheating and was just having connection problems.
Your Apology/Reasoning: I was in the Bhopping servers and suddenly my internet disconnected since my LAN cable was having problems, so as I was fixing the problem, it keep reconnecting and disconnecting from the server. Once I fixed my LAN cable and restored internet, I tried to connecting to the bhop server only to find out I was ban for a week on the basis of cheating which was very confusing because I was not cheating in the slightest and I was just having internet issues. I do not own/download any third-party software or vpn that could result this ban and I was literally afk the entire time i was fixing my internet issues. I hope that the support team can resolve this issues and revoke the 1 week ban. 

Looking forward to your swift reply, Thank you.

Warmest Regards,

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