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Apply for kz mod

Name: Jay Nutthanan
IGN [In Game Name]: YOLOyouOnlyLoveOrgasm
Steam Id:                            Age: 18                                         
Why do you wan't to become a moderator: seems like a fun little side job i can do while in university
How many hours a week can you play: few hours everyday
Any past experience as a mod on any game: No
-1 being an admin is not for fun sir, when i was still active i dont see you teach new players
 Im Best Malaysian KZ Choker
-1. You are not that active in the server., and being a moderator who is able to teach players, i believe there must be a certain skill level and experience one require which I don't think u are suited for this.
-1 not active enough and after we tell u what to do u only teach those players. Yes, after we tell u to teach u teach but you just wanted to become a moderator so u teach. Kindly apply again if you are more active and willing to do what a moderator would do naturally .

Doesnt teach players when they need help.
Has not shown moderating abilities
Reason for being moderator "just for fun" seems kinda bad ngl. Shit reason to be mod ngl.
Random: "Koen why aren't you moderator? I thought you were a moderator! You are so good and chill! Just Go apply!"
Me: [Image: kY90rmp.png]
I'm going to be straight forward here
  • I can see that you're getting relatively better at kz which is good and keep up the improvement
  • Pretty friendly person
  • The fact that you made the choice to apply for mod to be means that you have the willingness to help out others which is a plus for me
  • You're not very interactive with players, such as communicating.
  • I did not see much assistance towards players, which includes absolute newb players that ask mundane questions (such as "how to lj", "where to go", "how to play this game"). This is a task that an admin must do regardless how boring it is.
So, things you should improve on:
  • More active interaction with players (Show your presence in the server, not just being in the server only)
  • Assisting players when you can, such as doing demo jumps to them or providing tutorials
Hence, it is nice to see that you've decided to apply for an admin position for the sake of helping others and also a fun thing to do during university but you should first improve yourself in interacting with others and have the desire for others to be better as well.
I understand this is just a game but these attribute could also help your general soft skills in university and your future career. Anyways, take it easy and good luck in university! Feel free to reapply in the future as well.
Application Declined.

Barely see you on server, don't see any moderating potential from you yet.

Kindly re-apply after 1 month
[Image: raw]

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