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which rule have I broken?

May I ask why was I muted for 2 hrs just now?
Which guideline have I broken?
I've looked at the Block Info and found to reason was given.

I know 2 hours would be gone fast but I would like to know the reason why and if it this block was justified.

Thanks in advance.

Name: cowbear
IGN: (In Game Name) cowbear
Steam link: cowbear
Why were you muted:
I would like to know too. I got muted then I scrolled up the chat and saw the last time I typed was "222" and nothing else. Didn't spam and didn't use offense language or asked for anyone's password etc.
Oh sorry.. Just noticed over here is for permanent bans.
No worries, you were muted by Shino because during map voting you spammed 2222 in chat? From what I heard, Shino has already warned the players not to spam.
As the mute has expired, I will close this appeal.

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