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Admin Abuse Really

Dear/Admins/MOD /Zeddy

I have a problem about haise he banned me in server for disrespecting he's really angry at first making mistakes get you e banned by him fast then he banned me from playing from server I'm nice at zeddy I make jokes at zeddy too but this special admin got a really special place for me. The story is I asked why server is banned he said ddos. Yesterday we were playing at raze server I commit a crimes there and the crimes I committed at that server stays at that server. Logically speaking whatever I do in that server the admins are in charged their. Auna,Haise are regular player their same as me so I can talk trash to them because they are not admins. I'm not toxic to zeddy server but in raze I trolled Auna only. But Auna doesn't do any actions for me and he's like oh it's fine. And this admin Haise I didn't even see him in that server and he just get me banned. in zeddy server for what?? . Trolling admins on other server are you admin in raze server to punished me a crime that I didn't committed in zeddy's server. you really are angry of me. admin haise do his own interest my first e ban is from him I just joined in the server and stand in the market and buy something and just get e banned do you know that I just joined. so you're excused is it will cause us a round. you really abusing your power to stop me huh. I hope zeddy and other Mods read this.

P.S Zeddy thank you for creating a great zombie server in Sea I hope I could play again and remove him from his mod powers for meantime I'll just practice on your 1v1 server.
stop shitting on the keyboard
[Image: Zeddydank.png]
Thompson the ban was not on Haise's action but rather it was discussed by the admin team.

Like I said in the your other thread, I plead you to stop making your situation worse, you're right now on the 7th level of hell but you're trying enter the 8th fucking level.

What I would suggest you do is to make an apology thread, though I doubt that would help anymore since you just made another post.

Edit: Btw you can't play on the 1v1 server since you've been banned from every Zeddy^ server
Instead of complaining about admin, have you ever thought of thinking about yourself?

You're extremely arrogant and self-centered, thinking you're always the right one, and everyone else is wrong. Right now,  I can list many things that you have issues with that you REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE. 

Issues include:
  • Lack of respect
  • Lack of self awareness
  • Lack of understanding in your punishment
  • Self Centered
  • Not learning from mistakes
If anything, you should be glad Haise was a true understanding admin who gave you MULTIPLE CHANCES TO REPENT, yet you refuse to learn from each mistake. He was nice and tried to help you. He gave you not one, not two, but numerous times to learn. If he truly was abusive, he would've perma banned you right from the start.

So PLEASE, STOP DENYING THAT YOU'RE NOT THE ONE AT FAULT. Haise was not abusive, he was nice and caring about your situation. But what do you do? You sit around on forums and start bitching about how he muted/ebanned you. Mate... YOU'RE THE ONE AT FAULT, STOP DENYING IT.

I think the punishment was well deserved as you had many chances to prove yourself, yet you refuse to learn. Please, for once, admit you are wrong and try to learn from it. 

"I was on raze and trashtalk admin"
Everything about this statement is fucked. Your attitude? Fucked. Your thinking process? Just as fucked. Mate, what gives you the right to go to other servers and trashtalk other admins. Are you really that self-centered and that dumb to not realize that you are in every way at fault here?

Mate you gotta start gathering up your shit and try to improve or else you'll end up living a shitty life.
[Image: v1.png]
[Image: 76561198190108077.png]
Still the same, if they don't have admin power in raze doesn't mean you can trashtalk them. How would you feel if you were in their place. Think Before Action anak haram
 Im Best Malaysian KZ Choker
(07-30-2020, 10:13 AM)GAKU Wrote: Still the same, if they don't have admin power in raze doesn't mean you can trashtalk them. How would you feel if you were in their place. Think Before Action anak haram

[Image: 631021019200749568.png?v=1]
Cacao best waifu of the month  Heart

[Image: f833e82c52d01233900718abb157904c1dc76064.gifv]
Imagine crying over something that you have done. Just don't be a faggot

You've done something wrong and you need to be responsible over that.

Go to Brain Therapy Centre and check your deadass brain.

Regards, Tmpura
I mean you deserved it Smile

I mean none of this would have happen if you just take the eban and stop complaining every second when you are in the server or in (Refugee) server about admin abuse and whatnot many people have been eban before not like you can't play the game just cause you cannot take items (why would u take items when you so trash just saying) and if you did just join the map there should be leaders and comms telling you what to do and you didn't listen so just take it. After which you continue to trashtalk admins in the server still, though I thank you for providing entertainment for the entire ze server players for your autism and stupidity hope in the future we get more players like you would really make the server a better place. Smile
i dont really care, im just here to laugh at you kekw
Actually playing victim card after disrespecting some admins on zeddy server and other server yikes
and also crying about 1 week eban because of item misuse/trolling on diddle pepega

i know u are retarded thompson, just stop doing it lmao
u need more brain cells and chromosomes to think what u have done boi
grow up small boi, be an actual matured person that not doing stupid shit in middle/high school

Cacao best waifu of the month  Heart

[Image: f833e82c52d01233900718abb157904c1dc76064.gifv]

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