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Admin Abuse Really

(07-30-2020, 10:23 AM)kai Wrote: i dont really care, im just here to laugh at you kekw

im smarter than u. You may be good at ze but I can beat your ass on comp
Please just stop making the situation worse than it already is, just delete this thread if you have to
yo dude stop, you're digging a hole so deep even satan can personnally take you
I actually cannot stop laughing.

Please continue.

Kind Regards,
bad attitude no good
This is why people think you're a fucking retarded person.

Imagine saying you're more smarter than anyone else but got banned over randomness that occur in the server

Go get help

BTW I really fucking enjoying this forum.
Dude do you want to build the great wall with your ego?

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Do you have any friends with the same IQ and star personality like yours we really need more players like yours.
Do PM me I give you my Counselling services at 65+ 98314367 Smile
Do reply back if you interested.

Please follow the format :3
You may use Google Translate for people to understand you more
[Image: dab-dance.gif]

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