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Report player "CareB"

Dear Zeddy/admin/mod,

I would like to formally file a complain on a player/admin "CareB", due to abuse of admin power yesterday 29/jun/2020 late evening on bhop server.

yesterday there were many regular players and we were all trying to better our own scores when this CareB came in without saying a word changed map for 3-4 times within few mins.
Because there were 2 other Admins/mods online so i asked them who changed map and the replies were "CareB". I asked him why he changed map in this manner and his reply was "because i want to see little flame's timing on some maps" and next the said "stop crying". For his selfish actions i have to load the 2nd map and due to map was different in my folders i have to delete because csgo crashed. I relogged in to your bhop server and download the current map but alas not more than 20secs he changed the map again and again. before he left he then changed back to the first map.

I wouldn't be as pissed off if he apologize for changing maps as he liked, instead he told us all not to cry wow. This behaviour is clearly an unchecked admin power and childish behaviour to prove that he can do whatever he wants. The above is my formal complain hope that someone would do something about it.

Not my business but it would be much more pleasant if admins are coaching, friendly and takes care of bad behaviours such that your server can create a friendly and fun experience so that more people will come back for more and hence more $$$ for the owner. Role models like IGotHamz in bhop server, IU, Rice and Puppy in KZ are great admins as an example and just for your info i'm not a kid and i seldom make complains. If you need more complain references let me know.
Why you never follow format
Removed his mod

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