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Holy shit it's Koen

Hey lads, it's ya boi koen here. My IRL name is Aaron but honestly I prefer koen >.>

I'm 17, 194 cm tall, a big boi, and I play center in basketball. (Yes... I got my first ex-gf and am sad but hey... I still want to find a new girl or chill with the bois >.>)

so uh... some facts about me?

1) I was born in the US, but my parents moved to Taiwan when I was around 7 years old. HOwever, I did continue attending an American school, and hence I can speak both Mandarin and English fluently.
2) I speak English. 我會講中文. Yo hablo espanol un poco por que yo tengo la clase de espanol tres. (TL;DR - English Mandarin and Spanish mainly).
3) I study computer science, at least that's what I want to do in the future. I am fluent in Java (I hate it, but had to learn it for class.), HTML/CSS/JS, Python (this is my main shit), C++ (w/ sourcepawn), Brainfuck (yes brainfuck is a CS language), and Scratch.

Some games that I play:
1) Osu - honestly I spent more time working on osu developement for lazer than actually playing it... I know the game inside-out but my actual skill is... questionable. 5-digit player.
2) R6 - I played a lot before, totallin 1.3k hours. HIghest rank was platinum 2, but eventually I lost interest since it got repetitive.
3) TF2 - One of my very first FPS games that I ever played. I played for a total of 2.5k hours, and I played in tournaments before. I competed in Highlander tournaments (mained either sniper/medic/soldier) and some 6's tournaments (roamer soldier).
4) CS:GO - My main game that I play. Currently over 4.2k hours in the game, I still play. while I may be unranked in cs... I play faceit (lvl 8-9 because fuck the elo system) and community servers a lot.

Coding Experiences:
1) I've managed other servers before. Mainly KZ/AWP/bhop servers before. Recently I'm getting into managing and working on ZE servers.
2) I've modified a lot of sourcemod plugins recently
3) Done some basic SQLite and MySQL database classes
4) Studying for CompTIA A+ exam

kek i'm a nerd omegalul

Feel free to play with me >.>

Yes, I'm a KFC Escaper, a Champion Escaper, and a Star Squad Player :lenny:
kek kfc bois
Cacao best waifu of the month  Heart

[Image: f833e82c52d01233900718abb157904c1dc76064.gifv]
i stan koen no homo
[Image: 9eMlUNc.png]

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