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budingisgood unmutte

Name: Buding
IGN: Budingisgood
Steam link: I dont know what is this, but my steam name is BUDINGISGOOD
Why were you muted: Becasue one time i misleaded the team
Your apology/Reasoning:  If there unknowen map for me, i dont do again a misleading, and apologize for did the bad leading to the server players, i really like to play on Zeddy sever.
Do you think you can get unmuted when your so toxic to other people who don't know what to do? kek
i don't think u mislead, if i recalled myself.. u were talking nonsense or mic spamming kek
Cacao best waifu of the month  Heart

[Image: f833e82c52d01233900718abb157904c1dc76064.gifv]
-1: Occasional mislead but overall mic spam/toxic
Are you still muted? if it's not permanent just wait for it.

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