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Are there going to be a new mode for MultiMod?

Hi guys so I was wondering if u guys are going to add new gamemode for multimod it's would be fun to have new one.

GameMode that I hoping to be inside of multiMod
-Hider/Hidden (One player is invisible and the rest is hunter, player can only see hidden or hider in mini-map, Blood or hearing foot step. Yes this idea is used on someone's youtube video)(Hidden will be increase depending on how many players are inside of the server)

 That's all the idea I have in mind(Brain no power x_x)
To answer your question, no there "are not going to be a new mode for MultiMod".
hi, im destiney / lumi!

i think the idea that you’ve presented is a good idea and might get implemented in the future, however, there has been a recent change to the server adding a new gamemode, and plenty of new jailbreak maps ( bugged rn ) and new coursemaps which the community members has not tried yet.

the server has also been known to get slow updates, so in the case your idea does get implemented, it wouldnt be anytime soon (maybe in 2months?).

currently the mod team is also working on a gamemode rotation for the server, where a particular gamemode would be swapped out for another in certain months, if the gamemode rotation gets implemented, we could try to add your idea into the gamemode pool.

in any case, on behalf of the mod team, i do thank you for your suggestion! if theres any updates of this gamemode getting implemented, ill be sure to update you here.

ok thats about it
xoxo destiney
it is what it izzzzzz

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