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D_blacklist's Mod Application

Name: Sufyan

IGN [In Game Name]:Trickster

Age: 16

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:156515826 

Why do you wan't to become a moderator: I find it a bit annoying that some of the players are insulting each other and disrespecting one another and players are gun spamming(Spawning a lot of gun) that the server is buffer overflowing and player get glitch out of the map for no reason making the game unplayable.

Howmany hours a week can you play: Monday to Thursday 4:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight, Wednesday to Friday 3:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight(SGT Singapore Time)

Any past experience as a mod on any game: No
" -> You MUST have at least 20 hours played on the server you are applying for. "

You literally just started playing multimod 1-2 days ago if I'm not wrong and also your reason for becoming a moderator is irrelevant on the basis that we have very active moderators that are able to prevent server exploitation such as "gun spamming" and "glitch out of the map".  Also, if you played multimod long enough you'd know that it's only friendly banter which is allowed between players.

It's good to see you try to help out the server and apply for moderator though, but at least get to know the people and gather more experience first before applying. We currently have 11 moderators, all whom are very active and effective moderators. What makes you stand out for moderator if you were to apply again in a few months? That's a question for you to ponder, and I believe that if you were to become a moderator when we have 11 moderators you would need to stand out in the server.

Good luck on your future application, but right now it's a very definite -1 here.
Never seen you in the server before.
> hop into server with less than 2 hours of playtime
> applies for mod


Denied, never meet the requirement. You must have at least 20 hours of playtime in the server.
Protip: If you can't find the inno, buy wallhacks

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