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Appeal for e-ban issue

IGN: Nep Nep
Steam Link:

Why were you banned:

Misuse item on event map

Your apology/Reasoning:

I am very sorry for causing trouble on the event that was held on 21st June on Minas Tirith marathon event. I blocked the whole team by abusing barricade item which can block people. The reason I appeal is because I want to play like I used to play the other days just like before lockdown where I focus on playing every ZE Events that Zeddy held and I want to pick item on every map which I can help so I can have fun and he helpful at the same time. I promise I won't do the same thing again and I regret on doing such thing. I wish you can forgive me and unrestrict me from e-ban.

You Better Not To Trim Or WE WILL DIE
improve englid + improve brain = uneban

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