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IGN: Mivec
Steam link:
Why were you banned: Yekking on mako rmzs ex3 
Your apology/Reasoning: Well for one, this isn't an apology since I didn't do anything actually wrong. Yekking is an actual strat some use and of course it will trim some people but lets face it here, those that died to the green effect would've died to the hellz spinning lazers anyway. If I remember correctly too, most of the items had already died by the time zms were near but the ultima kept them away or killed them giving cts time to shoot sephi and actually WIN the round with 8-9 people mind you. Meaning the yek actually HELPED cts not troll them. 

Additionally, the mod which ebanned me did so because of my "previous record" on a completely different game, css. Take this however u want but I don't feel I did anything wrong enough to deserve a perma eban AND a week-long gag.
Sure, i'll take the bait, why not.

So initially way before Extreme 3, you were warned by 3 admins beforehand (Including me) that Yektima is no longer allowed and is bannable now.
Knowing this, you decided to be a smart-arse and take Ultima, voicing your intentions in chat to NOT USE IT AT ALL (This is already valid grounds for an eban).

In the final room, yes i did type in chat to use it, but it was late because i was busy defending and my mic wasn't plugged in. Considering how experienced you are in Mako, you should have known this anyway.

Here are the reasons why Yektima is generally frowned upon and is considered a troll move in this case:

1. We had <30 humans left, we didn't need any trim whatsoever.
2. A normal ultima would help to clear zombies in the final room and buy time for lasers, as well as avoiding a potential throw by insta killing bahamut at the end so we don't have to shoot.
3. Yektima would just blind everyone at the lasers, including the casual players that are there to enjoy themselves or try lasers, not die to trolls who want to trim the team.
4. Your "yektima" in this case didn't kill baha or a single zombie.
5. Yektima incites CTs to panic and not shoot Sephi

It is definitely not a valid strat in this case.

Honestly, yekking despite admin warnings was the trigger in this case. IIRC you were also trolling on other maps (notably FF) and ruining rounds, hence the perma eban.
The week long gag was for you spamming chat and disrupting the server after getting ebanned, that did not help your case at all.

You also tried to evade your ban today by using an alternate account, nearly got away with it as well.
Oh and i can also see you are not sincere or apologetic in any way for this appeal, despite Zeddy telling you minutes earlier to be sincere and promise not to troll again for it to be accepted. So i can safely say that in the unlikely circumstance that you are un-ebanned, you will most likely revert to your trolling habits.

PS :
Regarding your last statement, i want to provide a little context.
I have 3.8k hours in Counter Strike Source and it was my life game for awhile. I recently quit the game a few months ago because of trolls(Like you) and teamkilling in the community and i got fed up with it.
That is why i joined this server. (I am also tired of server hopping and want to settle down on 1).
I have seen you play many times on the CSS servers, and have told you several times, this is CSGO, not CSS, but you still continue to ignore me. I don't understand why you feel the need to troll on this game? You already have CSS to do exactly that.

It is just sad to see trolls joining CSGO now with the intention to just team-kill casual players, which make the mode what it really is: A co-op mode at heart.

To all other admins:
Please consider this post before you make your decision. Thank you.
I thought you're a better person mivec 
Shame on you 


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