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1v1 Mod application

Name: Seth
IGN [In Game Name]: Thayu
Steam Id:
Age: 22
Why do you wan't to become a moderator: 
I want to contribute to the 1v1 Aim Arena server by helping to keep toxic players in check, whilst creating a fun environment for patrons to play in. For example, there are some moderators who do not like people playing music. While it is good that they are enforcing micspamming rules, I will have a democratic methodology to my moderation. While taking the burden of the current moderators will be definite, I believe I will be able to catch the huge number of closet prime cheaters, with my experience in the field. 

How many hours a week can you play: 
2-3 Hours a day on the server.

Any past experience as a mod on any game: 
Yes, hosted an Rpg server and Awp Server from MelonGaming. Moderated in Gaster's 5v5 and RPG, as well as Jensen's RPG   Heart Heart  Heart
Ok b00mer
+rep good player
+rep Funny man lifeless player
  [Image: capture42.jpg]
[Image: 715169383357349948.png?v=1]
+rep he was once an owner of a server which is dead HAHHA but still yeah he has the skills and i believe that he will be would be a good choice for being a mod Smile
smells bad but other than that hes perfect for the job
+rep very professional as a ex server owner
+rep real or fake one :3
+rep bossman, really kind man, sexy sexy, has his experience to qualify!

+rep just from the experience and overall dedication he shows in his app
If you're reading this, you're gay

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