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Mod Application

Name: dan
IGN [In Game Name]: enzo
Steam Id:]
Age: 18                                        
Why do you wan't to become a moderator: Honestly I love warming up in this server before going to faceit or rpg. But the kids in the server who keeps mic spamming makes it very uncomfortable to play in as I had to manually mute them or just overall do voice_enable 0. Sometimes I would see players personally attacking each other after losing which I think is unreasonable... Personally just wanna purge kids at that point of time so I don't have to reach out to other mods that are busy. At times when I want to play 1v1 before a game of faceit, there would be no mod there and I feel like it would be a chance for players to mic spam unreasonably and just be toxic. What made me apply in the first place is to atleast make the 1v1 a fun place to play for me and everyone and take the responsibility as a moderator properly. I feel that I am mature enough to handle whatever challenges that comes and handle it appropriately so no one will have to go through ridiculous measures to mute people who are annoying them. To me having higher powers doesn't grant me superiority and I learnt that the hard way and honestly I would like to use the powers efficiently and help make a change. It would be an honor to serve and be part of a big gaming community for the csgo community.
How many hours a week can you play: 5
Any past experience as a mod on any game: Head Admin for Gaster, Moderator for Mantis Server, Moderator for Rthaurg RPG SURF,  Moderator for Frostys RPG SURF. Current manager for a community in discord called LCG. (I know that it's not related but I'm managing a playerbase and sorting out things to help connect gamers that likes to play games and expand our community based in Singapore and Malaysia. Honestly we treat each other like brothers and sisters in our community)

On a side note, I posted an image attachment below to collect evidence of toxicity in the server. I literally did nothing and this guy personally attacked me for no reason lmao #bruhmoment. #pray4enzo. #garage23.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
+rep pro player , good mod
+rep head of lcg gaming HAHA melayu he owns a discord server consisting of almost 200 people and he does a really good job moderating it :0
+rep friendly singaporean (not racist) owner of lcg server
[Image: 715169383357349948.png?v=1]
+rep always gets pissed killed by him..
Ok b00mer
Did a good job moderating in rtharug

give this man mod
+rep co-owner of LCG, sex malay, garage 23
but overall very responsible, kind dude, has experience and is very worthy!

+rep Ceo of Hi Everything
+rep all the kids will scare of him, he is a cool guy, tho nvr see him mod in server before but im sure he will mod the server greatly.
                                                    Steam: yoko ,  Discord: yoko#2002

                                                           [Image: source.gif]
+rep very cool and responsible  Exclamation

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