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Moderator Applications ;)

Name: Chen
IGN: koencs 
Steam ID:
Age: 16 
IG: ufsjeff 

I want to become a moderator so I can make the server a little more peaceful by maintaining the order in the server, and make the server a generally more fun place to be in. Big Grin

I can play about 4 hours every weekday, and about 16 hours during weekends, and during this MCO period, I am almost always practically online, during this MCO period I have been playing everyday for about 16 hours so I think I can be online most of the time.

I'll be very honest, I have no past experiences yet in moderating a server, but I'm confident that I have the skills and whatever it takes to moderate a server and make it a better place, I can pick up the skills for moderating a server as I go.
+1 friendly guy on the server
If you're reading this, you're gay
Barely seen you online during my session. but I might change my mind if I seen you in the server and communicating
neutral to -1, the few times I've seen you on the server wasn't pleasant, improve on your behaviour.

Kindly reapply after 1 month.

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