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Fix Server Lag Please

I genuinely love the 1v1 arena and I will keep playing it but the server lag in the afternoon is just horrendous. Sometimes SV and Var is so high, it freezes every second everyone starts teleporting. This has been happening way too often for a long period of time now and I may or may not have said some very nasty and not so nice words against Zeddy in the chat just from all the crashes/high server lag. I apologize for all the rage during these instances and a hundred apologies to zeddy when I said some words you 100% wouldn't have liked. I have learned to calm myself down a lot but I still hate the amount of server lag and sometimes even server crash. Again, a thousand apologies of some things I said about Zeddy, and apologies to the server members at the time of my rage episode, but please do fix the server lag.
If you're reading this, you're gay
Zeddy has stated that he has been attempting to fix the 1v1 server, however, I do see him more active on ZE. If you can, try to contact him on discord in #suggestions channel and he'll notice it. I can also try to bring this up with zeddy as I am quite well-knowledged in fixing the lag.
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