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Speef Gang's 1v1 Aim arena Mod Application :)

Name: Andrew
IGN [In Game Name]: Speef Gang
Steam Id: 76561198830541998           
Age:  16/17                           
Why do you wan't to become a moderator: Well, because i am Constantly coming online on cs go and playing servers, but i've been mostly on Zeddy's 1v1 Aim arena, playing on the server mostly around the 4ams-8ams there's barely any staff on there, and mainly its because their either sleeping or doing their stuff prepping for HBL/work. Next, I'll be honest if u give a situation, and depending on my experiences i'll be able to answer it. otherwise its either i've not been placed in that situation before,  or that i do not have that much experience in it, and if there was a situation, like for example - P1 is accused of Cheating by P2, P2 reports it to me, i'll come online and watch the player, if he isnt cheating, then maybe because he knows theres a mod online, then i'll switch to my other account and check, but if his cheating i'll ban him for the appropriate timing, either a perma or na. if he isnt cheating then i'll tell him that he isnt cheating but his just good. and for one, i do not like cheaters i've been encountering them for the past 10 mm games it was not fun.
How many hours a week can you play: 5 hours at minimum.
Any past experience as a mod on any game:Elite Administrator on's Gmod server

If you got any questions on my app or that u wanna contact me in any way HMU here's my discord tag. FakeTaxINo.1#6492
Declined due to recent game ban on steam.

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