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Mod Aplication

Name: Jake R
IGN: stim
Steam ID:
Age: 18

Why do you want to become a moderator: i want to be able to help people with hard jumps, kick people that like to voice spam and being toxic. And extend maps for the one who is struggling with the map.

How many hours a week can you play: more or less 30 to 40 hours

Any past experience as a mod on any game: i dont have any mod experience
+1 experienced player. Part of the gang of roasting memories <3
+1 Pro and active player in Kz. How long have this guy been in kz?? So Good Smile
+1 wasted half of his lifespan kzing
 Im Best Malaysian KZ Choker
+1 I don't have much to say but hes always on the server
Experienced, Really takes the time to teach new or regular players on hard maps, Respects everyone and he is always humble. I think he is a suitable candidate.

HEY! If you are selected please remember to not kick players that are being toxic or mic spamming just !mute or !gag.

Fun face. He likes to look at anime girls pantsu.
[Image: raw]
Stim is a good player. Helps others too. Pro player
Although i have only know him for a while, he seem soooo kind and friendly.
Also SO good at kz and is willing to help others.
He being a mod would really be a huge benefit to the sever.
+rep pro guy very good
help me with death map
and friendly banter
Application accepted! Congratulations on getting mod! Your mentor will be Rice! Of course, if you have any sorts of problems you can ask me as well.
You'll be placed under a 1 month trial mod probation any sorts of abuse will lead to an instant demote.
Once again congratulations.

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