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Mod application for 1v1 arena

Name: Miguel
Languages I can speak:Tagalog/English

Why i wanna be a mod
I wanna be a mod for Zeddy's as my friend Fey and Feels are also mods in the server.Im very active and friendly to people.i have been mods for servers but not game servers.Also because Zeddy's is one of my favourite 1v1 arena i like to play as its a really consistent

Time i play

My Steam link if i get accepted

Jo told me to apply

Hi, Please wait until you are 15 then only apply.
[Image: raw]
So sorry to say but the age that is needed when applying moderator is 15, re-apply again when you reach that age. Thank you.

        [Image: source.gif]
Age requirement is 15, and ur only 14, pls re-apply once u reach that age thanks. and pls do follow the format properly, format didnt ask which country u live at n what language do u speak.
                                                    Steam: yoko ,  Discord: yoko#2002

                                                           [Image: source.gif]
Yes as stated by the players & mods above, the age requirement is 15. Fey himself has declined this mod application, please re-apply when you meet the age requirement.
rice is rice: age 15
pee yong kang : yOu NeEd To Be 15
JayCee: So SoRrY tHe AgE bE 15
Loonatic: aGe AlsO 15, PleAsE rEaPply
lmao ^^

        [Image: source.gif]

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