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Freestyle Rap Battle

1. Battle the opponent above you.
2. Freestyles only.
3. No edits. 

I'll begin first 

I've slaughtered reality and sought for a remedy but forgotten the memories, 
But I scorn my enemies as a form of therapy to release all my worries. 
I will dominate all who challenges me
Whoever reads my rap will agree
You may think you rap like a master
But actually I'm faster
In this thread I'm the headmaster
While you are a disaster 

Got More Swag Than there ever has been
got more hoes then alladin
put it up post it
cause u know im on dat dope shit
hear my rap they obey
they hear yours let it play
it aint about wat u gotta say
cause if i die today
my raps never go away
[Image: gDEE1QGHMmMAOJRb4Q-ehqF7ckhcVAUyzogC6VP5...zbAKChGzbA]
Swag? Don't mean to brag,
After reading your rap, my brain is starting to lag
I think it's about time you raise the white flag
While I sit here and enjoy my tea bag
Can't believe you misspell Aladdin
Think it's time for you to go back to school and learn your spelling
And throw your shitty rap into the trash bin
As rapping against me is a deadly sin
Happiness is peaceful
Darkness is earthquake
Bring back the happiness and darkness will go away
there goes a happy memory
Accepting everyone like ur friend 
you will be super happy
theres goes my rap deep down like a sleep

(Sry if this isnt a rap, trynna think but cant xd)
 Music   Heart

yoko you call that a rap i call that bobo
you are probably the logo for homo
i think it is about time you let the adults talk
kids like you ain't worth talking about
this isn't a battle it's a knockout
[Image: gDEE1QGHMmMAOJRb4Q-ehqF7ckhcVAUyzogC6VP5...zbAKChGzbA]
kids like who? i think ur the kid
lets the battle begins and see whos the best rapper
no argument but this is like a meme to the jokes
i think i copy paste some rap and kill neko can alr
ez pz
 Music   Heart

Woah yoko, chill out
Breathe in, Breathe out
After I finish my rap, I'll make you go beyond doubt
From this point onward I'm going all out
Your skills ain't good now listen to my story
Money isn't my thing I rap for the glory
Knowing how to rap is mandatory
Why you replying with that? Man that's a mystery.
You'll need some purgatory
Entering my territory
This ain't your happy story
This is where you say sorry
Stop spitting your lines so proudly KAWAII,
The Menace is coming so prepare to parry.
You thought i'm an underdog,
Now i'mma spray you down with an ACOG
locked on to my guns, Never been so accurate in my runs.
Baby you're a lunatic in the asylum room,
Maybe you've taken too many shrooms.
Your weak ass shit got me on the floor,
Talkin bout skills when you've got flaws.
Next time you look down on me,
I'mma hit you with that macaroni.

Aight I admit it, you've got potential
just like this covid shit it's exponential.
Rapping aint all bout dissing, you've got to respect
So lil' CUTIE Tell me when you get a trophy on the rack
Quack Quack MothaQuacka

Here I wonder who's gonna reply to my thread
It's just u? Guess I'm heading back to bed
Actually let me teach you a lesson instead
Trying to rap against me? Man you should just drop dead
You're just a little missile while I'm a warhead
I'll thrash you in a split second just like Zed
They call me legendary
They call me extraordinary
While they call you unnecessary
Pray to Jesus and Virgin Mary
As it might be beneficiary
Else someone will be with your mom practicing the missionary
Playing with guns at such a young age?
Do you wanna be in the slave's cage?
Thinking that you're amazing just because you're on the stage?
Don't forget that when I start, I'm always on a rampage
Reading your diss against me on my on thread? This is outrage!
Controlling me is like controlling a plague
Against you I need no skill
Reading your reply makes me ill
Your mother mistook the sleeping pills for abortion pills
Rapping like this gives me the thrill
But at this point this isn't a battle, this is an overkill
i think im gonna finish this off
oh wait that is just from my thoughts
im probably not making any sense
but that's has just been part of our life yeah that make sense
your rap is shit
just like your mom thinks
when she raised you
and she says fuck sake
why? cuz all she be wanting is a cute baby not like your ugly face
but you think that you're not familiar with that
but you need to rethink about your shitty life
eventually you get depressed
because all of the hate
bitch you're insecure
but that is just life mate
so just chill with it
have you ever think about suicide?
well, that's because you are suicidal
very mental problem metal running medal
eventually you'll die so what's the point of life?
if you hate it so much
just end it all off
with hanging your throat

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