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Freestyle Rap Battle

Quote:Pantcake that's a cute name
Is rappin bad your nickname
Here I thought you gon spit flame
Readin your lines thats a shame
But who am I to blame

Did you just rhyme name with name?
what you doing, you can'r rhyme two word that are the same
call yourself a rap god
you should stick to just being head mod

think your good at dota? you're a trash invoker
missing sun strikes on stunned targets people call you choker
now i hope you have learned your lesson
i better not catch you messin 
if you ever enter my domain
ill find you and give you ass pain
Never said I was good at Dota, only said I was the best
Playing with you always makes me stressed
Buys BKB and Aghs on a Sven in a inhouse and you feel impressed?
Sit down my dude I think it's time to take a rest
At least when i play faceless void, i hit my chronos so dont be depressed
His ears are clammy, chins sweaty, insides are greasy
There's food on his jeans already, carer's bread rolls
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to eat a tasty burger,
But he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down,
[Image: a54bff7bea385247eb45a84830cb3ec6.gif]

imagine still rapping in 2021 

imagine still rapping in 2021
[Image: hr0lmxv8dsf51.png]
[Image: 757845964235997326.gif?v=1]

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