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sy's mod application

name: sy
steam account:
reason: to make sure that the server is fun and enjoyable for everyone, and to make sure that wrongdoings get treated properly
age: 15
server activity: 3++ hours a day (inconsistent due to schoolwork)
past experiences: no

age is just a number, take a look at your basement
-sy Wink

+rep he has the time and motivation for it
+rep, friendly and active. Hope he can ban salo also forever, thanks Smile)
+rep, need more manpower to handle TTT rdm issues
[Image: 76561198141150981.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
big namer idiot says yes
100% headshot rate
Neutral to - rep

You may be friendly sometimes but most of the time you are toxic, calling people motherless and such when they kill you. I don't think we are looking for this kind of mod with such behaviours.
Not until you fix your mood swings, unless you can prove it to me that you can be an asset to the server.
Protip: If you can't find the inno, buy wallhacks
+rep pro mod good mod be a mod
+rep honestly i think you do make a really good mod just that what bunny says about  your mood swings ,  most people in the server thinks the same way , try to control it but personally i think that its not your about your mood swings, just that  you are just trying to be funny which no harm there,  but try not to curse la you know know cause you wanting to be a moderator and all and some people don't like to be cursed at.

sorry about my English its kinda bad =(
+rep know the rule

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