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random ban

Name: Carlz

IGN: (In Game Name) : Xad Reax

Steam link:

Why were you banned: I don't know, I just entered the bhop server about sec ago and I see (ct & t) bots firing each other and when the game is about to start (warmup up about to end) I suddenly get kicked and says the server banned me.

Your apology/Reasoning: I just entered the bhop server about sec ago and suddenly ban to all other servers.
Did you have any scripts on? AHK or Micro?
(03-29-2020, 06:45 AM)Loonatic Wrote: Did you have any scripts on? AHK or Micro?

No, I never use scripts or something.
i wonder what you do on bhop server cause I always see you there (don't get exposed on your afk farm scripts) just kidding blame the server
Assuming you're innocent, we have had multiple false positives so don't fret, admins will do their thing. Just wait.

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