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mmod mod app

Name: wyk
IGN [In Game Name]: wirgo
Steam Id:                                 
Age: 17                                       
Why do you wan't to become a moderator: Basically what i can do is to do what a mod shall do, gag , mute , and all the commands . Punish people who disobey rules, and change maps when maps is bug or cannot be loaded, comes online when server have hacker( if i have time ), and learn from some experience mod , be kind to people, not to abuse the power given by zeddy, i wont disobey anyone but if someone is being super toxic , i wont be kind, i wont break any rules, i wont be toxic, i will respect all rules and everyone. Basically just hoping zeddy would give me a chance to prove who i am. that's all. i only see bunny being most active and idk where are all the other rpgsurf mods at, so hoping to get this chance to become one if possible and i will try to make the server good/better. as you all know, now there is full player inside mmod and alots of kids and people who dk some game mode rules will break rules. i just wish to help out thats all
Howmany hours a week can you play: mon-fri( 1-2 hours ) depends , sat (1-4 or more) , sunday full day
Any past experience as a mod on any game: No.
                                                    Steam: yoko ,  Discord: yoko#2002

                                                           [Image: source.gif]
no : )
u look cute but no Smile
[Image: raw]
After discussing with the headmods, mods and zeddy himself. We have concluded that Mellow/Wirgo/myk ( STEAM_0:0:245429316 ), is not allowed to apply for moderator. This is due to the over-abundant mod applications that has been applied. Over 20 applications in the time span of half a year, although a player is only allowed to apply for mod once every month.
welp.. there goes me again. 20 mod app ( no idea why) . and welp. cant apply anymore. :feelsbadman:
                                                    Steam: yoko ,  Discord: yoko#2002

                                                           [Image: source.gif]
The ban will be lifted until we see any improvements, and so on.
(03-29-2020, 01:48 PM)Loonatic Wrote: The ban will be lifted until we see any improvements, and so on.

ok sure, maybe next year u will see great improvements?
                                                    Steam: yoko ,  Discord: yoko#2002

                                                           [Image: source.gif]

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