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Prime Now

Hello to all, mods and Zeddy. I have been a long time player of Zeddy’s 1v1 Aim Arena, and would like to offer a suggestion.

Please make having Prime accounts a pre requisite for joining the server. Please. Aside from the ever increasing amount of cheaters, (last season the top had 1900+points while the #1 legit hadn’t only 1700+), smurfs have become super annoying to deal with. I do not mind if its a good player on his main who just joined the server and took 5 points for headshotting me. But when someone who intentionally smurfs get 50 points for knifing me, it really tilts the fuck out of me.

Aim server tests out someone’s reflex/skill/dexterity whatever you call it. It shouldn’t be allowed when someone artificially boosts their abilities, and takes over the leaderboard. Less bhop/kz/ze(not sure if aim or walls affect gameplay at ze), even rpg surf suffers from cheaters. At least for 1v1, implement the Prime-only restrictions. 

Mods will have less issues as well. Cheaters usually join with Non-prime accounts, and just aimbot. Remember xHumon banning that phoenix guy? A lot of my friends and I myself were certain he was cheating and called humon to spectate him. 

Now, I am not saying that only the paid version of prime should be allowed. If the cheater decides to grind all the way to level 21, I’ll just deal with the fact that they have nothing to do with their lives. But this is a small step that can really improve the quality of play on the server in my honest opinion. Albeit player traffic will fall, sometimes it take some sacrifice for the greater good. Please consider this with an open mind, and I’d like to hear the community’s thoughts on this.

No Pls, If 1v1 is turn into prime only,
2 things are gonna be worse
1. Database slot/player will be dead af
2. Even if prime, hacker still be able to come in.

                                                                                 [Image: fubuki.gif.8c905dee3f752a3b4f29cc86792aaeb9.gif]

You don’t even come on the server. Anyway, if you’ve bothered to read my post, you can see that I’ve addressed both points. You have 2 eyes for a reason, please use them

Both the point i stated.. i read ur post. u didnt even state them lol.
"I dont even come on the server" Since when i dont go to 1v1 server lol? i did go but not all the time. previously i play 1v1 alot. i know that you guys wan prime-only restriction but since now there is this covid-19 virus going on, thats why hackers and  kid coming in to hack and mic spam, have you ever wonder what will happen after the virus is over when it is prime-only restriction?
You know that the server have 80% non prime and 20% prime.
So think about it before replying to my comment.

                                                                                 [Image: fubuki.gif.8c905dee3f752a3b4f29cc86792aaeb9.gif]

nice english, and holy shit I really gotta explain everything to this kid. I stated that “player traffic will fall, but sometimes sacrifice is for the greater good.” This implies that even if the server has less people, the quality of play will be better, as you are not getting one tapped through walls all the time. Furthermore, a server with a reputation for less cheaters is very attractive selling point.

“If the cheater grinds to level 21, I have nothing to say.” This implies that in the event of a prime cheater, which I am certain there are, I’ll concede to fate that they just want to cheat no matter what. If Zeddy has done his best by making the 1v1 server non prime, I cannot fault him anymore. But take note that I find the proportion of prime cheaters to be way less than non prime.

You talk about changing, and wanting to be better. Open your mind, and stop thinking you’re always right. You’re neither an admin nor Zeddy himself. You’re just a patron of the server. You comment on 90% of the threads here seeking to boost your popularity or something, idk. The first step to getting people to like you/ able to trust you is to offer something special. You don’t stand out in any way from other players, except in one way, the incessant gibberish you spout. You think I wouldn’t know that the server is 80% non-prime?

At the end of the day it’s the owner’s decision whether he prefers having player count over quality. I admire him for taking the first steps to make ze less pay to win, and hope he’ll do similar wonders for 1v1. I’m nothing more than a player who is offering suggestions as to what I feel would improve my time on the server, and regardless of whether action is taken, will still continue to patronise the server. What the fuck are you?

Hey my name’s xhum0n >Sad.

@sosig you have brought up certain valid points, however, it is unlikely that ‘prime only’ will be implemented in the near future. Though I am an advocate for a prime only 1v1 server, and hope zeddy is also receptive to this idea, the costs of a smaller player base may outweigh the benefits of having a clean cheater free environment. (even then it’s not 100% cheat free). Our best bet is that Valve steps up their anti cheat game, and rid the game of cheaters. I believe Vac-net is developing quite well, so fingers crossed. On another note, please be civil in the forums, not going to do anyone any good with the bming.
Beware of the cow

True my english is bad :hmmok:

                                                                                 [Image: fubuki.gif.8c905dee3f752a3b4f29cc86792aaeb9.gif]

Server's already been upgraded to prime only.

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