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Heres a long message by wirgo

I really hope to be better
Eh guys, this is serious, let me knows if there is any place/room that i need to improve on. so that i can improve it and shows some good side of me, 
Pls tell me serious answer
This is no jokes/fun time
I envy some guys having good times and no bad times
i envy some of them have a great side show out
i envy bunny and other hmod
even ze/1v1/rpgsurf/mmod mods
i know previously i shown bad side but thats cause (u know the reason)
When im typing, i dont think and i just type what i want, so i know my difference in typing and talking
When talking, i know what i want to say but i seldom talk at all.
My point/Basically is that i want u guys to forget about my bad side and remember all my good sides.
Thanks for reading
Typed for very long i guess

                                                                                 [Image: fubuki.gif.8c905dee3f752a3b4f29cc86792aaeb9.gif]

stfu cunt!

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