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Admiting my mistake

Ok straight to the main subject. I admit in Monday last week i was trolling and triming using earth, i thought it would be funny and no one will know that i was trolling but then the next round got eban. I am here to say sorry and promise not to troll or trim ever again so pls uneban me.
Huh funny , i remember you said you didnt know what happened , put the blame on mods and claim you and got a wrongful ban because mods misread or banned you by mistake.

I'm gonna have to put a fat -rep here simply because I've seen you play.

This isn't the only time you have "trolled" with items. I've seen you deliberately misuse items and/or edge on purpose when you have items. I can testify as a witness that the mods were lenient and let you go on your first offense, but you still continued to troll so I assume they ebanned you.

tl;dr - this isn't the first time I've seen you troll. -rep

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