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Name: Adiguna06
IGN: Mike Wazoski
gagged: because name tagged Fuushiko as "pussyko/pussyiko"
First, its started when KingMagress know my name (adiguna) and then he always post Iguana photo and saying Ad iguana on discord
and then i name tagged him "GayMagress" because i hear KingMagress gay with "mako..........?" and then he started saying "AdiGay" in server too and always say me gay.
After that, Shizuka (admin) gagged us for 1 minute and say to stop but we start it again (without spamming)
Idk if Fuushiko is annoyed by my "code nuclear" that i gave him, so he started to chat in discord and server.
not only that, he using his mic that say im worthless and useless trash making people starting to distrubing me for a momments So I start name Tagged him as "Pussyko/Pussyiko".
And he perma gag me, but then he make it 2 weeks. I know the rule 6 that must respect but is that doesnt apply to Fuushiko (admin) ??? i want fair here so if i got gagged you must got gagged with Kingmagress too or maybe you can ungagged me so no one get gagged.

ok. first, idk im must say that or not im sorry for saying u're useless. it was a joke because ur name was adiguna that means that u're worthy but u're actually useless lul and u take it seriously well no one understand the joke only KV understand the joke.well before i said that to you. you've already started calling me pussyko pussykontol whathefuck is that u want fairness,bruh ?

Second,u're annoying like keep calling trashino trashino trashino in the server "where is trashino?" u also toxic to the others players. i can know that from the community. u want proof ? i can show it for you later on. think about yourself first. stop bringing up the other player's fault

this is my last warn. i will ungagged you from now. if u do that again well i have to perm gag you

First, My problems with shino is already done
Second, you disrespect me so i disrespect you too
Third, not only Kv that mention but other people that in the server using mic to disrespect me too

yes,other people on the server started to disrespect you.because u started first. there is no way they just disrespect you for no for me,you're bad at ze items (a lot of time misuse item can be more than u use the item correctly) and talkshit about someone's fault over and over,maybe this is the reason why i gagged you. i didn't see any positive side of you sorry

The disrespect I mention before is that they knowing my name (adiguna) and then they gonna make fun of it after knowing it. It was not about the items,mislead,talkshit,etc.

yes.i really sorry about that but it's the fact i know this is such a childish reason. but maybe if u're actually such a good person at the first i wouldn't have been say that word 

well i ungagged you already.

i dont know that u're such emotional person xD

You have problems with me?
do you want me to perm gag you instead and no one will ungag you??
Do you remember what happened ?
You're so in denial that time until i dont want to talk to you again.
You better watch your mouth.
you're no one here , dont think just because you play alot you're some bigshot in the server.

Let me warn you , I WILL PERMA GAG YOU.

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